Second Life’s Necronom VI Closing

If you have never visited this region of SL, hurry and see it. It is an adult dark RP area with adult themes. It is listed as an Adult Space Cyberpunk Role Play.

The use of light, glow, and color in the build is amazing. The video does not capture the lighting effects well, plus it is old and SL has improved since then and NVI (Necronom VI) has too. Well somewhat since I first found it. The video does give a sense of the dark RP the region is famous for (infamous?).

The video was made in March 2008. The play list is here and it is NSFW.  

Necronom VI includes a ‘game’ that uses scoring and has tasks and puzzles, all separate from the RP happening in the region. There are a number of interesting puzzles, like the talking robot with AI that you must talk out of a code to open a puzzle. Unfortunately the little fellow is no longer there. Much of the region no longer works.

Ciaran broke the news of this coming loss of an SL treasure. Visit NVI and get you photos: Necronom VI. The pictures in Ciaran’s article do not do it justice, no dissing his images, you just need to see the place.

I visit and the information that NVI is closing is confirmed by Lexbot Sinster. We are not sure which day it will close, just that it is closing.

The Necronom blog is here. But, Oni Horan has not posted there since 2011. Oni seems to be the lead design talent behind NVI. The group site when I first found NVI was on NING, which changed in 2010 and Oni moved to, which is also now abandoned. Every place I turn NVI seems neglected or off line. So, I am not surprised to hear it is closing and finding the region deserted when I went to visit.

The elevators no longer work. Many of the other devices there no longer work. It is still a pretty build, but somewhat sad remembering what it was. But, I stopped going there. The role play was a bit… I’ll call it purest for me. I’m more into the spontaneous type RP found in Nor and Toxian City where combat is settled by skill not prearranged agreement on a script. But, different people like different styles of RP.

To give you an idea of what the RP was like check The Welcome Card. It reads: (I omitted the linked to content in the note card)

Welcome to the Station, Visitor!

This sim is generally for freeform role-playing. If you are not sure how to do that, check out our guideline for newcomers, that contains the basic behavior codex everyone is expected to follow:  (note card link)

As a new visitor, you know as little about the station and your role as you do in reality. Keeping this in mind will make exploring easier for you. Don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to look and ask around as you like. Just keep one thing in mind: Do not worry about rules! Neither do you have to buy crap to explore, nor are you forced to join the RP beyond any degree that you are comfortable with. As long as you remain respectful, you will remain fine.

You can be one of three things on your first visit:

A Trader: You have come here for supplies, or to import or export Freight. Most Freight here consists of humans though, so keep your moralic standards at home.

A Slave: You are a normal person who has either been abducted to the station against your will, or have absolutely no recollection of how you got here. Time to find out…

An Alien: You have been brought aboard accidently between some random crates of cargo and now you are hungry.  Head out, cause mayhem.


For the proper tag above your head join the “Space Colony Necronom VI” group and contact one of the M-Guards for the role (for example, Sarukei Ninetails, Koterie Itoku,  Justine Morrow, Oni Horan)

You can also check out the Necronom website at .  There is a lot of information regarding the sim there, and you can also post questions if you have them.

If you are looking for something fun to do don’t be shy to pick up a free NeMiT HUD from where you came in, it will allow you to explore the station while solving missions and earning credits towards prizes that will be announced in the future.



–Project Necronom – Space Colonization–

It is an ancient dream in human history to colonize the vast space beyond Earth.

For centuries now, humanity has expanded their race over the galaxies, terraforming planets and creating equals to its former home. In order to reach the next step of existence however, the final move into space itself needs to be achieved.

It is estimated that over a mere timeframe of five generations, humanity can reach the next step of evolution.

In an effort to bring forth this crucial development, the Necronom project has been initiated by a combined effort of the entire human race, and even beyond the reach of the UCE (United Colonies of Earth).

Twelve space colonies were spread throughout the galaxy, constructed to house humanities biggest hope.


–Organization Chios–

Space travel is a long, expensive and dangerous process. Ships travel for months, and sometimes years, to carry their cryogenically frozen passengers.  They pass through enourmously large areas of space which used to serve as the only natural protection throughout the first endeavours of space travel, as it was nearly impossible to track down a traveling ship along its course. However, the recent exponential increase of trading between human conlonies has caused safe routes to have been established .This brought forth a new form of crime, space piracy.

While other less organized groups have focused on stealing common space freight, one organization known as Chios, has started to emerge and has specialized in a new form of business: Slave trading.  Ships are being overtaken on their routes and passengers are being taken captive for ransom. When a sufficient amount of credits cannot be gained from ransom these humans are taken in as loot, stripped of their former selves, often brainwashed and sold as slaves.

During the countless wars among the different human colonies, many of the destroyed tribes have been enslaved  and many of the larger colonies have started to tolerate enslavement for its economical benefit. Human work force in space is invaluable so it is no surprise that the business Chios brings is a beneficial one.

–Space Colony Necronom VI–

Funded by the Colony of Laurium of the UCE, Space Colony Necronom VI is part of the Necronom project and the smallest of the 12 stations. After only 10 years in space, the station had been completely abandoned by Necronom Inc. and any funds from Laurium for the project had been frozen. All of its personnel were recalled and the station’s rating is Space Debris.

The reason behind the Space Debris rating is highly classified and access to such knowledge is strictly forbidden.

Recently, The criminal organization known as Chios has commandeered the station as a base. A small crew has been assigned to maintain the station and supervise transport and trade of freight.

Human slaves are constantly being imported to Necronom VI for storage and brainwashing. New slaves, independent marauders, and slave traders are common guests aboard the station. Lately the Council of Chios has sent a team of scientists to perform studies onboard, however it is unknown to the crew what their exact purpose is. From time to time they acquire slaves as test subjects in the lower regions of the station, but due to the fact that none have ever returned the activities that take place are a mystery.

The only current knowledge about these lower sections is that they seem to have been infected by an unknown organism, which is mostly ignored as it doesn’t seem to influence the vital systems of the station. Caution is advised, as casualties have occurred there in the past, but it does not appear to be a growing problem.

The crew of the Necronom  is ordered to treat the slaves with great care, but since the station is very isolated, regulation is widely ignored. Slaves are regularly abused according to the crews liking and are generally treated harshly, as a tactic to instill their obedience. Certain higher-ranked slaves are naturally part of the crew and used as disposable workforce.

If you are one of THOSE people who have actually bothered reading up to here, there are a few more things to know: Basically you are free to play whatever role you like, there are no restrictions here, but try not to actively disturb other during RP when it is not wanted. If someone asks you to leave them alone you will do just that, this is the only rule.

If you are interested in joining the more sophisticated roleplay groups of Necronom, here is a brief description of what is available to you:

Crew: Cyborg or android workers, technical staff and medical personnel are always in high demand. The current station commander is Chelzey Dufaux, in case you need a briefing. If you are interested in joining the bar-staff you can contact Chelzey Dufaux.

Omega: Conduct experiments on living test subjects, trying to advance humanity to a new level. Or are you a test subject? Reset Destiny will be happy to give you more information.

C.M.C.: Strict and loyal military with shady objectives. Follow orders, keep discipline, don’t ask questions. Your contact would be Aislin Ballinger.

Aliens: Three alien hives are currently established on the station. You dont chose them, they chose and transform you. Beotch Dawg is currently managing the main group for aliens in case you need a contact.

(Rules and Guidelines link)

I am left wondering how much Necronom VI will be missed. Some will miss it dearly, I’m sure. I found it to be an amazing build and the use of light, glow, and translucency unique in SL. But, it was not the place for my RP. It certainly seems to have fallen into disrepair.


8 thoughts on “Second Life’s Necronom VI Closing

  1. I completely agree with you about my pictures, indeed I thought I’d mentioned that in my post but I can see that I only mentioned, something similar to yourself : “you really need to visit to fully appreciate”

    Your video certainly captures the place far better than the pictures.

    • Well, your pictures are good. But, it is hard to capture NVI in stills.

      Thanks for commenting. I wish I had more experience before I made this video. But, it will have to do.

  2. The whole inception of my virtual persona was on Necronom, a number of years ago. Although I had been on Second Life for some years prior to that, I didn’t really have a set look and online identity: Necronom and the RP I did there was the genesis of that for me, although my identity is no longer constrained by the roleplay itself and has just become “online me.” Although for years, Necronom was neglected, abandoned, and in disrepair, I’d still hopefully hop back every few months just to see if things had been updated, turned around…given new life. It never happened. Now that it is gone, I am sad. It’s like a childhood home – you may have moved away and out-grown it, but it was nice to know it was still there. I will miss it.

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