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Hemi Violet

Hemi Violet

I am sort of pleasantly surprised by the answers to a question in the Fab Advice column. When the advisors were asked which are the best boobs and butts, only one had answers. The others have little experience with add on boobs and butts and theirs spend most of the time in inventory. See the full article here: Fab Advice #15.

Skyler refers us to Big Boobie Babes. This is a site that keeps up on the latest in Second Life™ boobs and butts with reviews and release news. They also have a blogroll of other sites covering boobs and butts.

Verotic Muscle Skins and Appliers

Verotic Muscle Skins and Appliers


I do see more and more clothes coming with appliers for the various add ons. I have my Slink hands and love all the nails I get. But, I haven’t gotten into implants… yet. I do like my smaller breasts. But, I do like the nicer shaped ones too. So, I have thought about … having some work done.

WARNING: NSFW… past the fold. 

Skyler likes Violet Studios’ VString breasts (←link to in-world store – Violet Studios webViolet Studios adult web). So, it looks like either Lolas or Violets are the possibilities…

VString, a line of implants made by Hemi Violet, has some … I don’t have a good adjective… ________ breasts… from ginormous  to total cow utters (called special editions) with multiple nipples. OMG! These would make a cow feel inferior.

Verotic Revolution Blush

Verotic Revolution Blush

But, they do explain things well in the show room. For analytical types they have a load of verbiage explaining all about implants. So, visit their ‘show’ room if you want to learn about breast implants… or just see lots of boobs.

My Everyday Breasts - No Work

My Everyday Breasts – No Work

VString has apparently been in the implant business for a time (I was told they just celebrated 5 years in SL). Starting with sculpties and progressing to Fitten Mesh. With a Life Time Update policy everyone is getting updates. Hemi told me they are working to get a new release out in the next week or so. As tech improves, so do Violet’s implants.

With the Fitted Mesh versions there is compatibility with Avatar Physics. So, your booblies will still bounce. And those Fitted Mesh boobies adjust size via the Appearance Sliders in the viewer. The VString implants come in a L$1 demo version.

Mesh Density - Ctrl-Shift-R

Mesh Density – Ctrl-Shift-R in-world

The demo version is limited. It has the usual DEMO notice that displays when you wear it. Also, there is no color matching enabled in the demo version. No HUD is needed.

My usual breast size is set in Appearance at 61. The VString breasts are enormous at that setting, like GGG size. (Did you know cup sizes go up to ‘N’!?!) I think at the smallest (breast size 0) these puppies are still at least EE. The VString breasts seem to have their best shape at about 50. At 0 they look a bit odd, sort of squished. At 100… well, what can I say?

The demo comes with a physics layer. So, you do get to see them bounce… well, you don’t get to see mine bounce. But, you understand my meaning.

So, do the VString implants come in smaller sizes? Not yet. Coming soon. I hope to see them in May this year, but that is just my wish.

I just finished a year long quest for a new skin for my avatar. (OK- I wasn’t questing EVERY day.) I am not sure how I missed the Verotic Skins. If you go to Violet Studios in-world shop check out their huge store. I’ve been exploring it. There are Verotic Male and Female skins, Verotic Clothing, LTX clothing, VSX Adult Product, vStrings, Violet Studios Demon, Violet Cybernetics, Headmasters Hairs, Beholder Eyes, Nosferatu Vamp skins,  Reanimator AO’s, and Polymorph Studio products appeared last week.

There are some amazing muscle skins for women (see opening image). Plus for those that are into the big boobs the are a load of shops catering to you.

If you make mesh things, there is a Verotic applier script that you can get for free. You’ll have to chase down Hemi Violet to get more information on that.

For now I’ll pass on the big boobies. But, when those smaller ones (rational sized) come out… er… get released I may have to consider having some work done.

5 thoughts on “Fabulously Free on Second Life Boobies

  1. So far, if you are looking for small-ish sized implants, try out the Perkies (demo here). Have to say that they are very easy to use and customize. I even wear them under most of my mesh clothing.

  2. I’ve met a lot of gals wanting proper “small breasts” shape, almost perky flat-chested if you will. But they always tell me that they don’t want to buy their clothes in order to work with their personal bosom shape. It seem the only real solution was get LL work on Avatar 2.0 or get a fully Rigged Mesh Avatar with the working fitted features.

    Of course, when I typed this out, it sounded even more daunting efforts to make either of them work. Quite an hassle to make any gal feel wonder about themselves when Lindens doesn’t really think through their whole development process on the marketing side.

    ( Still wondered what ever happened to Red Linden? )

  3. You should also keep in mind Nea’s \Perkies\ implants; they’re designed for those who want the look of mesh breasts, without that sense of…inflation, let’s say, that many other implant makers cater to.

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