AvaStar Update 2014-17 #2

Gaia Clary announced today that Avastar RC 1.1.-1054 is out and has a fix for the shape sliders. See her announcement here: Avastar-1.1 Custom Shape Sliders fixed. The article explains what has been going on.

The big change is getting shape sliders in Blender to represent what happens in SL. See the 7 minute video.

Another LARGE improvement is you may now use any custom shape. Until version 1054 we needed to model to the default/Ruth shape.

Quoting Gaia, “If you export your mesh with a specific shape slider configuration, then the System will minimize the distortions when you wear exactly the same shape in SL.” This is going to be a big help.

Gaia is hoping this is the change we have all been looking for. I know I have been scratching my head testing avatar, weighting, and weight transfers via Avastar and Blender to figure out how to get the best results. This change may give me better results. Once I have my tests done I’ll make a post.

I’m downloading now…

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