AvaStar 1.1 Video Released

Gaia Clary has a new video tutorial out. This one uses Blender 2.70, which has been released. Using it and the newest test version of AvaStar Gaia shows us how to initialize weighting for Fitted mesh.

Blender 2.70 Released

Blender 2.70 Released

The work flow for moving existing weighted items to collision weighting is covered in the first part of the video. Mid-way in Gaia covers starting weighting from scratch. The later part of the video is about using the shape sliders to test your weighting.

The video also shows how pinning works in the new Blender 2.70 menus. The new tabbed and pinned menus will save lots of scrolling. All I have to do now is remember which things are in which tab.

This is the information many of us have been trying to figure out. It should give a good push to development of Fitted Mesh clothing.

If you can, please support the Gooseberry Project with a donation. The project will, as a by-product, improve Blender.

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