There is something going on with the SL system this morning (7AM-8:30AM). People in a large number of groups are talking about Bake Fail. It seems lots of people are staying gray.

There is no good work-around. Some have solved it by relogging. Some have solved it by waiting.

DO NOT clear your cache. That just makes it worse for you and everyone else.

I am not seeing the problem. So, it is not affecting everyone. But, it is affecting a large number of people.

5 thoughts on “Alert

  1. Omg Narrates! The bake failing has been horrid since last weekend. Seems like a day or two after the newest FS release. I am always at busy sims and everyone is complaining.

    • Other than seeing some attachments failing, I haven’t been having problems. Which I find surprising as I have been looking for a new skin and trying on a ton of demo skins.

      Hopefully the inventory maintenance done today will help.

  2. I have been complaining about this for a couple of days. It seems to be worse for me in Firestorm. I was afraid it was the new 64 bit. Last night, it was not as bad.

    • We know that they are changing the API that inventory uses. I am more suspicious of those changes than I am the appearance ovens. Whatever the case, bake fail is far less a problem now than before SSA.

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