Second Life News Week 51

Second Life is now in a no change window. So, there will be no server rollouts this week. Nor will the main SL Viewer update. We might still see an RC Viewer update or two. The current no change window ends January 1. That only leaves two days in the week for changes to rollout. I don’t expect much change in that two day period.

Holidays are here and I’m busy with real life stuff. That means there won’t be much stuff in this blog for the next couple weeks.

Inara Pey has an article up about Fitted Mesh. See: Fitted Mesh: “last call” for issues; release candidate “after the holiday”. Inara points out the Lindens’ calls for feedback on Fitted Mesh. It seems the Lindens’ plans are to have a project viewer out early in the new year. Early as in just after the holidays. That makes it urgent to get your feedback regarding Fitted Mesh in as soon as possible.

This is sort of a ‘speak now or forever more hold your peace’ type of thing.

While Oz Linden has said they may make additional changes to the avatar, the window for changes to be made to the avatar skeleton is closing. Changes and fixes to the skeleton not made now will likely have to wait some time, like years. So, get the Fitted Mesh Project Viewer and make sure things work as you want.

Suggestions, changes, and feature suggestions should be made in FITMESH project section of the SL JIRA.

Avastar users should keep checking the download page for test versions that work with the new avatar skeleton and collision bones.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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