Second Life News 2013-44

There is stuff going on. But, there is not much in the way of news, at least that I find interesting. Also, I am distracted by RL work.

CtrlAltStudio Adds Interface for Oculus

CtrlAltStudio Adds Interface for Oculus

CtrlAltStudio has released a new Oculus viewer version that adds in some basic user interface controls. See: Alpha 4: Some Preliminary Rift UI in the CtrlAltStudio Viewer.

It looks like CtrlAltStudio is doing some good work. I will be interested to see what Linden Lab™ comes up with for a User Interface (UI) for Oculus Rift.

SL Server Update

The main channel is not being updated. Calab Linden provided the Deploys update this week. He did not make cler if there would be a wave of restarts are not. By the time you read this you’ll know if your region restarted or not. As yet (9:45AM PDT) I haven’t received a restart notice from my in-world home.

The RC channels will get an update Wednesday. We have little information about this package, other than it will roll out to all three RC channels and contains some bug fixes and crash modes. There are no references to JIRA items. So, whatever they are fixing is either too esoteric to explain or too secret (exploit/security fix).


There are only 2 viewers in the Viewer RC pipeline. A GPU Update Viewer and a Maintenance Viewer

The main viewer is now version 3.6.9-282535. This release includes the Share Feature and Request Teleport Feature.

Second Life Share Feature

In this limited release viewer, we offer a 100% Opt-In way to share status updates, upload photos and check-in to locations in Second Life, to Facebook. Users access this feature via a new floater button found in “Me>>Toolbar Buttons…” called Facebook.

The new floater includes tabs to access the three features along with an “Account” tab to log in and/or connect SL to your Facebook account. You can access the Help page for this floater. For more information on the feature itself, read the Knowledge Base article.

Users must be running this viewer version for this feature to be used.

Request Teleport Feature

With this release, there is a new “Request Teleport” selection available when selecting an avatar menu (other than your own), such as right clicking on someone in your Friends list. Selecting “Request Teleport” is a convenient way to ask the other person to teleport you to where they are. When selected, it:

  1. Opens a dialog you can use to personalize your request by adding some text
  2. When you press “Ok” in that dialog, a request is displayed for the other user with your message. They have a choice of offering you a teleport (Yes) or not (No).
  3. If they offer you a teleport, you get the usual teleport offer dialog and can accept it to teleport.

Both users must be running this viewer or a TPV that has ported the feature for this to be used. If the recipient of the request is not running a viewer that has the feature, the request will not be displayed at all.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2013-44

  1. Hey Nalates, I would like to share the following newsflash with you.

    My dear friends, My name is Amiryu Hosoi. For some of you that name might ring a bell. I used to own 6 sims in Second life supported by my marketplace Hosoi Ichiba, on Japan Kanto. During my time in Second Life I specialised in Japanese architectural design, antiques and scenery. Back then this was a niche market. Hosoi Ichiba supplied high quality goods and soon became a well known brand. Next to the Hosoi Ichiba marketplace I developed 4 scenery regions full of exiting stuff. The regions Japan Kanto, Japan, Kansai, Japan Chubu and China Sichuan all could be listed under the very best in Second Life. Our regions also became the home for a big community of Japanese minded people. We even had real Japanese people teaching about etiquette, art and lifestyle to other community members in our Hosoi Mura school and theater.

    Then, because of the economy comming to a halt Hosoi Ichiba’s sales dropped and I wasn’t able to keep up the regions. I decided to abandon 2 of the regions and upgrade the remaining 2 regions with better scenery. This lasted for a while but in the end I also had to close down the last 2 regions. I never expected the massive impact that this close down of our home would have on our community and myself. December 12 2012 is still a black page in my life and the day I took a break from Second Life.

    Next to running my Hosoi Ichiba, maintaining the regions and supporting our community I also started to design for my real life company in Second Life. This company, My Oriental Garden, designs, builds and sells luxury modern Japanese style pavilions and buildings. Because I needed a save and closed environment to design and proof my pavilions I decided to take a look at Open Sim. I did keep an eye on Open Sim before and I even registerd as Amiryu Hosoi in various worlds. I decided to export my complete My Oriental Garden inventory to my local Open Sim environment to work on.

    In the mean time I also started to check out other Open Sim based grids and stumbled on Kitely. This was before Kitely launched their Marketplace. After registering at Kitely back in february 2012 I took a few visits to explore and that was that. In october 2013 I once again logged on to Kitely and had the pleasure of meeting Ilan. Ilan is a wonderful guy who is always trying to help. We discussed the new Marketplace and especially the hypergrid export feature. The combination of very friendly people like Ilan, a wonderful marketplace and very low costs was good for me to make the switch. I decided to rebuild my marketplace Hosoi Ichiba and the once famous regions in Kitely and here I am. Hosoi Ichiba has around 300 items up for sale now on Kitely’s Marketplace!

    A few words about the Kitely Marketplace. Since my decision to join Kitely I have been working hard to list my products on the Kitely Marketplace. I think a great marketplace needs good products thus listing will have my focus for now. This is a lot of work because I need to review, export, import, relist, update all my products. The hard work however is mostly on the Second Life side. The people that designed the Kitely Marketplace really understand what a merchant needs. Clear design, intuitive interface, wonderful variations feature, you name it and it is there. Working with the Kitly Marketplace as a merchant is a breeze!

    But thats not all! There is another very important feature that will shake the virtual worlds on their foundations. Hyper Grid Delivery. Now, this is magic! The fact that content providers will be able to deliver goods to all other grids out there brings us the possibility to really expand beyond the closed box that is known as Second Life. My fear about loosing content to people that might take free copies of my products vanished like snow under the sun when Ilan explained the itunes concept to me. And yes, he is righ, again. People that want free stuff will take it anyway no matter if you lock it! Making it easier for everyone to legally buy your goods via hypergrid to use them wherever they want will make people think twice. Why go through all the hassle when you can buy what you want and use it anywhere, on any other gridd. Sounds logic to me. I would strongly advice all serious content providers and merchants out there in Second Life to jump on the train and make the switch to Kitely.

    I hope to see you all soon in Kitely.

    Amiryu Hosoi

    • Thank you for a clear explanation of the advantages of Kitely and Hypergrid. Your points are well made.

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