Nomine Closing

When I first came to Second Life™ it was not long until I decided I had to have a better skin. I spent months searching for one I liked that fit the look I wanted. I selected a Nomine skin. I still wear that skin.

I saw a post on SLUniverse today that Munchflower Zaius has health and cash flow issues and will be closing/selling the region housing the Nomine store.  Munchflower’s market place store should remain open to the end of the year.

Some customers that are on the Nomine subscriber are getting notices of the closing. Caete posted a copy of the notice she received in the SLUniverse forum.

Nomine Closing

🙁 I wish Munchflower the all the best and as easy a health battle as possible.


2 thoughts on “Nomine Closing

  1. OMG NOOooooo!!!
    Almost all of my earliest skins were by Nomine. One alt still wears one (although Munch tries to talk her into updating it).
    She was one of the examples LL used in their advertising back in the day of people making a RL living in SL.
    I wish her the best. SL will be lessened by her absence. 🙁

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