Singularity 1.7.1 Released Review

A new release of the Singularity viewer came out yesterday. If you are using Singularity, this is a strongly recommended update. There are some bug fixes that make this a more stable viewer.

Singularity Viewer

You can find the announcement here: Singularity 1.7.1 Stability.

The Singularity Download

The download is about 24mb. Download files are getting smaller.


A number of people are finding that the viewer crashes when playing media, parcel music. Seems the wrong fmodex.dll was shipped. This has been corrected in current downloads, which is now build 2888.

Emergency Update?

There are some Pathfinding features. The console commands are included. The Rebake button for PF is included. PF Info is in the Build Panel.

Change in Build Panel

The Linkset Editor and Character Panel have not been added yet. The Havok 2012.1 tool that allows rendering of the region’s navigation mesh (Navmesh) is omitted.

You only need to see the Navmesh if you are debugging AI Characters or you are optimizing building for Pathfinding. The Navmesh render is currently in the SL Dev Viewer and Beta Viewer.

Those with Norton Anti-Virus will need to turn it off to download and install Singularity. My ESET scanned Singularity and found no problems, as do several other anti-virus programs. Norton remains a problem.


I get great frame rates using Singularity. Without Lighting & Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, or Sun & Moon I get 45 to 56 FPS. Enabling L&S holds me to 44 to 48 FPS. Ambient makes almost no additional change. Oddly enabling Sun & Moon I get 45 to 50 FPS…

If you are looking for more FPS for a combat game this is probably a good choice.

Remember. This viewer uses a V1 user interface.


2 thoughts on “Singularity 1.7.1 Released Review

  1. Concerning the frame rate aspect adressed in your viewer reviews: To compare one’s own results to your impression, it would be helpful to know a few details of your setup. Perhaps an info page like Strawberry Singh’s system specs would help.
    Sorry if I skipped relevant bits already posted. 🙂

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