#SL Viewer Stability week 34

The Third Party Viewer Directory was updated. The viewers are listed in order of stability from most stable to least stable. The links lead to my viewer reviews of the respective viewer.

  1. Firestorm
  2. Second Life 3.3.4
  3. Imprudence
  4. Catznip
  5. Phoenix
  6. Singularity
  7. Exodus
  8. Second Life Beta 3.4.0
  9. Restrained Love

New versions of some viewers just came out. They have not been out long enough to affect the stats. Versions released and in use for the last month are ranked.

Some TPV’s do not have enough use data submitted to be included in the ranking. That is more about reporting than about actual use by residents. Some viewers do not send crash reports to the Lab.

Some viewers have the new Pathfinding Tools and others do not. The SL Viewers have the most complete ‘basic’ feature sets. The TPV’s have the most power user features.

Firestorm is currently adding the Pathfinding Tools. They were merged into a test version of the viewer last night. I suppose we will see a copy soon. Also, the addition of the tools will mean Firestorm will start to exist in two versions; one with Havok and Navmesh rendering and one without Havok for use in OpenSim grids. Unless they change their minds…

One thought on “#SL Viewer Stability week 34

  1. The upcoming release of Firestorm will still have OpenSim support as it won’t have Havok yet.

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