#SL News Update Week 31

We are in the last stages of the Pathfinding Project. With any luck it will roll out to the main channel next week. As of Friday, it is the candidate for roll to the main channel. But, last minute problems could change that.

The Advanced Creator Tools (ACT) have been released using Run Time Permissions. The original intent was to release them using the Experience Permissions. Run Time Permissions are not use in Linden Realms.

Server/Scripting Meeting

The Griefer Monday and Griefer Monday Postmortem explain the problems encounter with the initial release of the ACT. At the time the Lindens decided to rework the Experience Permissions. When Andrew and Huseby Linden were asked about whether they would be releasing the Experience Tools using the Experience Permissions the answers were ‘Probably, but it is undetermined at this time’ and ‘No Comment’.

Much of the upset among scripters is in regard to the nerfing of the teleport functions that are part of ACT. I had hoped the Temporary Attach functions would allow us to attach a HUD and use the HUD to run the teleports. But, the functions are nerfed and refuse to run in such a Temporary Attachment. This means we have to build a HUD and request the use to accept it and attach it.

If that sounds like a bit of a pain, you are right. Many of us had hoped to avoid those tedious steps. So, the tools as they are do not really meet the goals of the initial design.

We will have to wait for the Lindens to decide what to do with JIRA SCR-383llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords()  Should function with any avatar, not just the owner. If you were planning to use the more extensive permissions, get by and WATCH the JIRA.


With mesh attachments there is no easy way to detach them. You have probably noticed that they cannot be selected with the mouse and detached like other clothes. This is a problem with the viewer’s selection process.

There has been discussion about how to correct the problem. Changing the viewer code to handle this problem is apparently a complex issue, which means it is unlikely there will be a quick fix from the Lab.

However, there are other options. One is to add an item in the avatar’s right-click menu that finds the mesh objects and removes them like we do shirts and stuff. The current ‘Detach is by attachment point and not very helpful. It is awkward.

We know the data is available as we can see it in Current Outfit. While I typically use the Outfit’s folder or Current Outfit to detach mesh items, it is not something easy to explain to new users.

NeoGeo Game

NeoGeo Game

Word is that there is a NeoGeo Game in the Lab’s Seattle office with weekly tournaments.

This Week’s (31) Roll Outs

Once again we had some regions down for a long time. It seems some hardware failed during the roll out. Some servers literally died. Once those units were fixed, the roll proceeded.


Expected Next Week’s (32) Rolls

As I said above, Pathfinding is the candidate. None of the Release viewers have the Pathfinding Tools. However the current Linden Beta (3.4.0) has them if you want to get started.

Two new server maintenance packages will roll into the Release Channels next week. The content of those is not yet complete (Friday).  I’m not sure what they are doing with the existing maintenance pack. I suppose it will get the PF update and continue running in RC.

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  1. as a kinda workround in v3. rightclick edit a HUD or prim attachment. when in edit mode then can pick/rightclick a mesh attachment and detach

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