Cloud Party Update

I hear what I’ll call rumors that Cloud Party has stopped growing… I suppose like lots of stats it depends on the details as to what that means. There are people exploring the possibilities of Cloud Party and the developers are continuing to develop…

Maxwell Graf is building Rustica stuff in Cloud Party. Some others are doing some fun things. You can keep up on the goings on at: Cloud Party Bugle. The blog has a nice list of tutorials for Cloud Party.

The frequency of posts there seems to be decreasing. Hard to say at this point.

Cloud Party has a Twitter channel now.

I don’t see lots of news flowing out of Cloud Party. We probably won’t until it moves closer to release, the end of Beta. I think it is early adopters and experimenters that are working with the start up developers.

4 thoughts on “Cloud Party Update

  1. The problem with Cloud Party is that you need a Facebook account in order to get full access… Not everyone will be comfortable with giving up their anonymity and privacy while logged in a virtual world, or even to open a Facebook account !

  2. I think pointing to facebook integration as the reason Cloud Party isn’t the huge exploding Second Life killer a vocal minority desire it to be is at best overly simplistic.

    Almost like the once common suggestion that Linux was failing on the desktop due to a confusing installation procedure. As it turned out, there wasn’t much to get excited about after you did get it all working; Users soon found there were huge gaping holes in the maturity of what desktop software was available (but let’s all focus on the installer!).

    In that context the facebook part of the equation seems trivial.

    • In a general sense I agree with you. But, for SL users the point is a significant factor and a primary reason it won’t be an SL killer.

      CP may do well with other users and eventually out class SL in user numbers. But, people that want to experiment with social behaviors and other personality aspects will want to remain with SL. Also, the number of people that use SL for its adult content is significant. Those people are not going to find CP/Facebook agreeable.

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