Greifer Monday

Today we are seeing new griefer toy creating chaos.

The new Linden Realm’s Advanced Creator Tools currently in Magnum is being user to create teleporters with broken permissions. When taken outside Magnum the toys will teleport people without their permission.

This morning I got to see the Cornfield for the first time. Then they teleported a load of people into the Scripting UG Meeting.

An immediate fix is for a region owner to turn scripts off.

Or, if your region is in the Magnum Release Channel it is immune.

Otherwise expect chaos until the Lindens figure out a fix, which may be to roll the package running on Magnum to the main grid.

PS: Motor Loon says, “Hi mom!”

UPDATE: The server updates rolled  late Monday seems to have fixed the problem.

14 thoughts on “Greifer Monday

  1. I think advising region owners to turn scripts off in a region is very dangerous, I’m afraid. There’s no equivalent tool in the Region-Estate toolbox to turn them back on, and if the scripts you turn off are in a no mod item, I think that breaks them permanently.

    And if this exploit works from attachments, as I suspect it does, then turning off scripts probably won’t affect it anyway.

    • I only manage an Estate on OSGrid, where scripts on off is easy. Whatever, hopefully those that run regions know what they are doing.

      I expect the Lab to fix this before its much of a problem. But, it is disconcerting when you suddenly TP away.

      • I just hope that, before any Sim Owner or Estate Manager contemplates turning scripts off their region, they read and consider carefully which is the lesser of the two evils.

  2. What, no giant green peni in santa hats? No bouncing cubes shouting racial slurs?
    The state of griefing in SL has reached a new low when all they can do is TP you to some unknown location. I think I will write up a jira!
    A major community feature is being depreciated!

  3. Excerpt from chat:

    [12:04] Shug Maitland: Nal wrote about griefing today — it seems some of the LL released on Magnum can be used to create teleporters in the rest of the world that do not as permission °?°
    [12:05] Sandy : lol
    [12:05] Shug Maitland : I guess you could make an invisible teleporter where ppl might walk through it > Poof! to who knows where LOL; not even within the sim, grid wide!
    [12:06] Sandy : lol, nice with random destinations
    [12:09] Sandy : sounds like a bunch of blind chickens
    [12:09] Shug Maitland : yes!
    [12:11] Shug Maitland wonders at the possibilities: you walk into an invisible TP to a random destination. Deciding you do not like it there you return to last location (of course this is the teleporter) so off you go to a new random location. Could be fun 🙂
    [12:12] Sandy : 🙂

    • Currently they tp to a new region with another teleporter, which teleports to another… then another.

      Both Kelly’s and Nyx’s meetings were disrupted today. They both flipped off scripts and rezzing. Then things were ok.

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  5. And we thought gambling and Ponzi schemes were “The Wild West” days of Second Life!

    Life on the grid is certainly…interesting, these days. Thanks, LL.

  6. The advanced creator tools have been released? Or are we talking about griefing by members of the closed beta?


    • Release Channels are test regions. When a package passes testing in a release channel it can then be promoted to the main grid.

      • Yes, sorry, I’d forgotten that llTeleportAgent was actually documented and generally available in the RC (even though I had actually read your blog post about it).


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