#SL Group Editing Update

You probably know that editing large groups over about 10,000 is a big problem. I mention it in #SL Server News Week 31.

Baker Linden is working on getting group editing fixed. At this Friday’s Server/Scripting meeting he had this to say:

I’m almost finished with the server side fix for large group management. I’m hoping that the changes I’ve made will also be compatible with legacy viewers (they -should- be). If the data changes, I’ll make sure to hit up a TPV user group before it goes live to let them add the necessary changes to their group UI windows. With my own tests, I’ve managed to successfully get data for the largest group on Aditi (~40k users) without problems. It takes a couple minutes the first time you do the query, but after that it takes around 3-5 seconds.

I ended up changing the way that works, from when I said that. I’m hoping I can get that data sent across with everything else. The biggest change I’ll be making will be instead of sending all 40k users at once, I’ll be sending groups of members to the viewer. It will make sorting more difficult, as you may get 40 “groups” of 1k members each (for example) this way, we also don’t push upwards of 5MB through UDP. Actually, the way the data is formatted, there will be changes (I’ll make sure legacy viewers get the data the way they’re used to).

It may move to that [HTTP protocol], but right now I have a UDP connection that transfers the data.

If Baker has a working solution, even using UDP, then it will likely go into QA and in 3 or 4 weeks we may see it in RC. On the other hand they make the decision to go ahead and move this to the HTTP protocol. That decision might move delivery dates back to some time after the HTTP Library changes. Or they push it out and change to HTTP later. We just don’t know and I’m pretty sure the Lindens have not decided.

Both Cheesy Linden (Baker’s new boss) and Baker are new Linden hires. So, things may not follow normal channels… things could get bumpy as they sort their way through the QA and release channel process. However it works out, being able to edit groups will be a nice fix.

One thought on “#SL Group Editing Update

  1. Cool, cool, cool:) I hope I will be able to use the new viewer and will not be blocked by VWR-29124.

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