Second Life News Week 24

This week saw the first Scripting UG meetings in a few week. Kelly Linden has been working on other things and there is no new scripting news. But, Kelly did give us a few bits of information on this week’s server rolls.

QA Queue

The Lab has a testing process that software changes and fixes must pass through before reaching a Release Channel (RC). There are code reviewers, testers, and then ADITI tests. Eventually changes make it to an RC.

Currently there is a backlog of changes and fixes waiting to get into the QA process. Those that are in the process are waiting on RC’s to come available.

Expected Roll

Kelly says the Le Tigre RC code should roll to the main channel tomorrow, Tuesday. This is the infrastructure Multi-Threaded Region Crossing code (Phase I).

He expects Magnum’s Can’t Rez on Land to be promoted the next week. While we only hear about the Rez problem Kelly says there are 30 or 40 fixes in that package.

New Features

Nyx Linden was asked about new features that may be in the works. Nyx said, “…on the whole, we’re mostly currently focused on making the features we do have (or already have in flight) work better, over starting to add on new features.

Already in flight probably means Pathfinding and Advanced Creator Tools. Possibly there are other projects we have not heard of yet. One has to wonder what all the things are that are waiting on QA resources.

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