UnityCore RP/Combat Meter Coming to #SL

Those of us that play in the various role play and combat games within Second Life know about Combat/Role Play Meters. There are some popular ones like; Spellfire, GM, Warps, CCS, RCS, FRCS, and on and on. Some are free and some are purchased ranging from L$75 to several thousand. Now a new meter is coming out, UnityCore Engine. It looks like NoR will be changing over. From what I see it is only a matter of when.

UnityCore RP/Combat Meter for Second Life

NoR is a dark role play game in Second Life, Nation of Remembrance.

The UnityCore meter is in alpha testing now. You can try it out in NoR. They have the meter operational in two regions; Remembrance and Evil. While the test is in operation the role play is sort of suspended in those two regions, it’s not part of your IC RP story and the testing is considered OOC. That allows players to easily talk about the meter.

Getting the Meter

Use the World Map to teleport to Remembrance to get a meter. This one is free. You will see the blue and gray dispensers. Click and wait for delivery. You can rez things in Remembrance. Be warned, if I remember correctly, there is an auto return active so you only have a couple of minutes until it is returned.

UnityCore Meter HUD

Once opened and copied to inventory you can delete the box. Everything in it except the main meter part is Copy OK. The core engine is No Copy. So, the box of stuff after copy is useless. If you ever need a new meter, you’ll have to go get a new one.

Setting Up the Meter

Once you set up a few meters you get the routine. If there are player stats then there will be a web site with player pages. This is true for UnityCore too. Many meters allow one to assign values to various traits of the racial character. UnityCore allows that. I’m not sure if it has anti-stacking. Staking is placing all of one’s character points into a single trait to make super characters.


Web Page UnityCore F-Key Settings

If you play in NoR and have a DCS character that has leveled up, you need the URL of your DCS character page. With the DCS HUD on, click Player Profile (there is a button), and select item #1. This will open a web page with your profile in a web browser. Copy the URL. You will need to give that URL to NoR staff to have your level from DCS copied to UnityCore.

DCS and UnityCore Meer Tags

I suggest you do the level copy because you have more stuff to play with. You’ll need to give the URL to one of the people helping with the testing. It may also avoid a rush if an official meter change over happens. CandyGurl was on duty when I came into get a new meter. Her instructions are simple and easy to execute:

The new UnityCore Meter Vendor is located to the right of me…UnityCore blue sign with grey frame. Just click the sign to get your meter, rez the box on the ground, open and wear the HUD and meter as well as activate your gestures. Please make sure to deactivate your DCS ones. 

Once you have your new UnityCore Meter on you will be prompted to create a sheet. The sign here in back of the line i am standing in will walk you through that process.

Once you are done with that please type /9reset in main chat here and then if you have NoR DCS levels get in this line to have your sheets matched.

You can see the meter dispenser from the landing point. So, you don’t need to search for it. Just walk off the landing point. There is a steady stream of people coming in to try the meter. Once things rez you’ll see it. There is also a cue for those having their DCS stats moved over.

UnityCore Main Menu - Std SL Dialog

The meter has gestures for F3 to F10. The function of those keys is set via a web page in you profile on the UnityCore web site. The gestures use a high channel and sends a numeric value corresponding to the F-key number, e.g., F5=5.

The skills are listed by name. The meter has no hard to remember skill icons. I love that aspect of the UnityCore meter.

The UnityCore meter has the typical ON/OFF to make combat active or inactive. A menu to select functions, see the image.

The UnityCore meter and HUD use about a 770k of SL script memory and contains 12 scripts.

Health values and tstat values live across relogs. That avoids a problem of some people re-logging to reset tstat.

Add-on weapons are not over powering. With DCS there seems to be a money-makes-mighty tendency. Considering the way DCS is funded that is understandable.


You can find the level table here: UnityCore Levels.


You can find the races and their skill levels here: NoR Races


You can find the UnityCore forum here. Not much there yet.


The general discussion of the meter, only open to NoR players registered on the forum, is here: Live Beta Test In Remembrance: Unity Core Meter. It’s a new meter so people are generally not going to like the change. So, all the grips don’t carry much weight in my opinion. The constructive critiques are well done and I suspect will have an influence on the meter design. The meter is alpha level and it has some problems, but that is alpha software.

5 thoughts on “UnityCore RP/Combat Meter Coming to #SL

  1. Thanks, Nalates.

    Do you happen to know if there’s an API available for people who might wish to develop weapons for sims using this system?

    • I am unsure. I think not. I seem to remember someone saying there would not be. But, I read too much stuff to be sure. This is so new I would bet they are still flexible in this regard. Ask in their forum.

      There are issues with griefers and cheaters exploiting the API. I suspect it will take a more mature version for the API hardening to be in place. So, the developer may consider opening the API at some future time, if they aren’t now.

  2. Hello i just got my UNITYCORE meter yesterday and i have problems to open the website i tried too many times in different browsers and never work , im trying to open the page for create a char http://www.unitycore.net/UnityCore/Player/startsheet.php?id=2096824f2fa8d2b953ab4883958e3ff6?

    always said not found in every different browser
    this is frustrated i sent the link to a friend on sl and worked good for her , i still dont undarstand why i can go to this site

    if someone can help me would be great

    really thanks

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