UnityCore RP/Combat Meter Coming to #SL

In the discussion the UnityCore developer came in and posted. Since it is information from the source I’ve quoted it. I added some punctuation and fixed some spelling. Some was so run-on I wasn’t sure what was meant, so I left it as is.

Ok, let me try answer[ing] this right. The meter is a base meter, its new like a new born baby , as it grows it changes to what you teach it. Now its basic and in the style of XRPS though not an exact copy. This is because a lot of people like XRPS style than don’t like, despite some thinking, DCS, [which] was in Nor ONLY [be]cause XRPS was withdrawn due to the owners greed and there was no other meter offered. No offense to the DCS creator, making meters is hard work and I’m sure he worked very hard but personally I hate DCS with a passion and the numbers tell me the same, XRPS in Nor was an average of about 40 or so people in Rem and Mega at that time, DCS comes it goes down a lot, that’s because not many people like DCS, the particles mean players with weak computers can’t play well because despite what people think Particles only add to your own lag they’re client side not server. You can turn particles off then there is not much indication of what skill is used. I find it hard to remember what every dam picture means [be]cause there’s so many dam boxes and my meter spent more time disconnected than connected. The lag DCS causes is amazingly high. As I said I’m not putting down the creators these are my opinions and others I’ve spoke to. There are some very big fans of DCS and I will never please them unless I create an exact clone of DCS, which I’ll never do.

UnityCore was created to be

  • Simple to use
  • As lag free as possible
  • KIS (Keep it simple)
  • Highly configurable by Universe Owners
  • Interactive 
  • Open minded

The targeting system has 4 types; Self, Nearest Player, Player Target, and Area.

Now yes, I admit and I’ve told many people, I suck big time at art so the HUD sucks, but this HUD is just the starter HUD and not the only HUD that will ever be available. Our plans for HUDS are that there will be many made, some free some paid for, players will even be able to submit their own textures to us with ideas for HUD ‘s and we shall create them if they pass our tests.

The system has just been born, it’s an Open Minded expandable system, which means we will change and shape it according to not only our ideas but that of Admin’s and most importantly Players, most other combat systems you get what the creator gives you end of, this system is made by me with ideas from others, from the people who use it, that is why we have a forum for the system for ideas, if i see a good one or many suggest one I implement it into the system for testing, if its good it stays if its bad it dont, but the system expand and grows with time and ideas. There are many many plans in the works for the system to make it better, this is just the beginning.

Of course as they say, you can’t please all the people all of the time but you can some of the time, there will be players who hate the system and always will, for these players I can just suggest to get your ideas in for changes, of course we won’t copy another systems ideas but we will listen to yours.

UnityCore is a new born system, it’s not MY system, it’s OUR system and we shall shape it together, we will go though bugs and faults but in the end we will have a system built by us for us, and not built by one person for them.

I am a very old Nor player from way back and I shall finish with this.

Once upon a time I lived in a land called NoR, I spent all my time there and loved every second, then I along with all the people I had got to know for many years had to leave, because of one man’s greed, at that time I was helpless like a child and followed the Exodus of people going from RP sim to RP sim, I felt lost and never at home. After some years I learnt the power to do what I always dreamed, to bring myself and all my friends back home, to Nor, this day is here. I have created a new born system to achieve this, the hard part is done, its created, now we just need to shape it.

There is lots of history and drama in RP games and NoR is no exception. At one point, lots of drama centered on the meter. Whatever, a change was made to DCS. One of the horrible aspects of DCS is the icon based skills. If you are not playing every day, it is hard to remember which icon represents which skill or spell. I’m sure this is why many NoR old timers are not playing now. I know it is the reason I play way less.

DaSein posted a good evaluation of the meter in response to the developer’s post.

UnityCore Current Help Screen

As the game’s admins, Bizarre mostly I think, worked to balance the DCS combat system for best play, things changed frequently. I didn’t use the system much because things changed so fast, too much of a learning curve. But, all the tweaking made NoR a much better game. The UnityCore developer seems to have had a similar issue with DCS. With lots of changes memorizing icons was/is a pain.


So, a new meter is coming to the SL combat world. For now it seems like the meter is not yet ready for prime time. Reading the opinions in the forum it seems several people have that opinion. Several like the skills. Of course the balance is not as well tuned as the DCS Nor skills and spells. But, the GM’s haven’t had an opportunity to balance them in play. I think skill/spell balance will be well handled by NoR’s GM’s, so that is not a concern for me. I’m looking forward to what they come up with.

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  1. Thanks, Nalates.

    Do you happen to know if there’s an API available for people who might wish to develop weapons for sims using this system?

    • I am unsure. I think not. I seem to remember someone saying there would not be. But, I read too much stuff to be sure. This is so new I would bet they are still flexible in this regard. Ask in their forum.

      There are issues with griefers and cheaters exploiting the API. I suspect it will take a more mature version for the API hardening to be in place. So, the developer may consider opening the API at some future time, if they aren’t now.

  2. Hello i just got my UNITYCORE meter yesterday and i have problems to open the website i tried too many times in different browsers and never work , im trying to open the page for create a char http://www.unitycore.net/UnityCore/Player/startsheet.php?id=2096824f2fa8d2b953ab4883958e3ff6?

    always said not found in every different browser
    this is frustrated i sent the link to a friend on sl and worked good for her , i still dont undarstand why i can go to this site

    if someone can help me would be great

    really thanks

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