SLViewer 3.1.1 (242977) Crashes

I’ve done pretty well with the development viewers, until today. I installed Second Life 3.1.1 (242977) Oct 16 2011 10:50:04 (Second Life Development). I started it and crashed shortly after login. I think as soon as it tried to render the world.

Error Message

We have seen lots of viewer crashes from the OpenGL problems. Most of those have been with the new video cards and drivers. With this version of the SLViewer I got an error with my 8800 GTS and driver 270.61 (

I rebooted the computer and restarted the viewer. Before logging on, I set the graphics to LOW and in Hardware turned off AA and OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects. I was able to login and work my setting back up to HIGH. To test those settings I relogged. They work and I could log in.

Next I enabled the OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects and AA. That worked and a relog worked. So, I’m back to my original settings. I’m in world for a few seconds and hit with my first rolling restart. 🙂

This could just be a transient problem on my computer. It may also be an indication one needs to clear their settings file before installing this version. On my first start the viewer went full screen rather than starting in my typical 80% of the screen window. So, I suspect an issue with the settings file.

If you want to assure settings file is ok, install the new viewer then change your graphics settings before logging in. Set them to LOW and restart the viewer. Then login and return them to your normal settings. If all is well, restart the viewer one last time. That should rewrite the settings file.

As an alternative you can manually delete the settings file before starting the viewer. That will set all the settings to their default values for your computer.

I’m using the viewer now and it seems to be working OK.

2 thoughts on “SLViewer 3.1.1 (242977) Crashes

  1. From an IM in-world:
    [14:14] Crap: saw your post on your blog. – go find 3.1.1 (243166)… it has solved the error 7 and error 8 with driver for me and others. not sure about error 4, but may just work.

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