Mesh Deformer Project Meeting Today

To day at 2 PM PT/SLT in-world will be a meeting about the Mesh Deformer Project. The meeting will be at Garden of Dreams. This is designing Worlds studio. A featured speaker is a Maxwell Graf, well-known designer and owner of Rustica. Also Graham Dartmouth of Builders Brewery and and Jusden Jonstone, an Opensource Developer, who has worked both for Linden Lab and for Third Party Viewers will be speaking.

Designing Worlds Planned Mesh Deformer Project Meeting

The Mesh Deformer is about getting mesh clothes to work with the appearance sliders. It is more complex than that, but basically that is the part that will affect most SL residents.

I suspect we will get new information on the project. There is likely to be some fund raising going on too.

This meeting is an hour after the Content Creators User Group (Mesh Group) meeting. This is the week the Lindens said they could give us more information on their research into what may be the best way to provide mesh deformation in SL. I’ll have more on that later in the day.

You can learn more about the project at

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