Zindra Alliance and the Naughty Snowman

The Zindra area of Second life is the adult continent. Adult does not mean its XXX, but it may. So, along comes the Naughty Snowman. This is an annual winter event. In past years it has been for Zindra residents only. That MAY change this year. The residents of Zindra are planning the event now.

Snowman by gaelenh via Flickr

The event features snowmen made by residents. Votes are taken for the best snowman. Whether there will be a prize or one just gets bragging rights is yet to be determined. Want to sponsor a prize?

An idea has been suggested to make this somewhat like a typical SL hunt. The idea is to get new people to the merchants and attractions in Zindra, which I’ll leave to your imagine but say there is a romance factor involved in Zindra. Shop owners and land owners would provide locations for one or more snowmen.

The idea of having the best mesh and best prim snowmen is being considered.

Plans are to have the Naughty Snowman as a destination and event that will appear in the SL Destination Guide and Event Calendar.

If you are interested in the event, join in the next planning session at the Zindra Alliance at Brolen at 12 Noon PT/SLT. Put it in your calendar and set a reminder.

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