New Second Life Web Profiles on Demo

UPDATE: These profiles have now gone live in Second Life. Just open your profile to see it.

In the Phoenix Hour Jessica provided a link to the new Twitter like web profile. Fredrik Linden is leading the way on this project. Live feed in your profile is an interesting concept. It also reveals the direction the Lab is heading. I think it also gives a keen insight into what much of the BIG announcement at SLCC may be.

Demo Second Life Twitter-like Feed in Profile - Click to Enlarge

Shug Maitland asked about what the impacts of this new move toward Social Networking would mean for SL residents that want to avoid mixing real life and Second Life. At this point I don’t know. This is the first of the new Web Profiles 2 that I’m seeing. So, more coming soon.

The image above is from the Firestorm Beta 2 Viewer. It is NOT part of the current Firestorm Profile panel. The team will add a button to Firestorm to allow one to access the shown profile in the next release.

To see the profile in all its glory open Fredrik’s profile in a web browser. Also, see the image below.

SL Demo Web Profile in Chrome - Click to Enlarge

I think this looks much more Facebook-like than Twitter-like. I also think Linden Lab is behind the curve on this type of social networking. The general consensus is Facebook has it a plateau. Everyday I see more posts and articles about next gen social networking. But, this is only a small piece of what the Lab probably has planned. So, it may be unfair for me to may that assessment now. We’ll see in the weeks to come.

Don’t leap off the end of the pier and go historical about what the Lab is doing. This is just a DEMO and only part of the picture. On the other hand… it does give a good indication of the direction the Lab is headed. I’ve seen more social networking coming to SL for some time now.

More Infromation

At the 18 minute mark in the recent Phoenix Hour video there is more discussion about the new profiles. I’m summarizing the video now.

You will only have a profile in this demo if you have an account on the ADITI Preview Grid. To get one change your password (updating the password triggers an update in ADITI) and login to the ADITI grid. You can easily navigate to your profile by changing the name in the URL or if in a web browser you can navigate to it by the left-side menus.

2 thoughts on “New Second Life Web Profiles on Demo

  1. More information about LL’s move to make SL more of a social networking site leaks out slowly, see “Linden Lab Adds Social Network-Style SL Friend Recommendations and Friend Requests to User E-mail” @ .
    For me SL is my fantasy world, I will actively oppose linking SL to RL, opting out to the maximum extent possible.

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