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SL Mesh Upload Status

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A new step in the mesh upload process has been revealed. One must be registered to upload mesh. I saw mention of this on Danial Voyager’s blog. I posted about this coming tutorial and test in early June. See: Second Life Mesh Enablement. It has finally arrived.

The registation page is here: Mesh Upload Status. This page is part of your account dashboard.

You can see that Payment Information On File (PIOF) and Mesh Questionnaire are requirements for uploading mesh. The questionnaire is all about intellectual property (IP) rights. If you are an attorney I suspect you will see some of the answers as overly protective and possibly erroneous.  But, as a lay person the answers are on the overly cautious side.

When taking the test it is worth noting that there is a back button (Previous). So, you can move back and change your answer. Also, there is an IP rights tutorial provided. You can take the tutorial before filling out the questionnaire.

So, you might as well get this done now.

2 thoughts on “Mesh Upload Qualified

  1. I saw this on the Beta Grid, and think you’ll find at present it *may only* apply to aditi – the Mesh Upload Status pages are not available for the main grid Dashboard pages (

    This would possibly imply that anyone completing the questionnaire at present would only be cleared to upload to aditi, and *may* have to go through the process again on the Main Grid (agni) once the link is available under people’s Main grid Dashboard.

    • It is only Beta grid… sort of. But, a direct web link would not reveal that. One does have to log into the ADITI grid for the system to create one of the new profiles.

      I doubt one will have to complete the questionnaire twice. The data is stored in the user’s account not the ADITI or AGNI grid.

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