Second Life Viewer Breasts Physics

OK… this is the third article about breasts. I’m not obsessed with breasts. It’s more a fisherman and bait thing. 🙂 The Mesh Project Viewer Snapshot (2.6.3-255638) has the new feature. The Project Viewer available today is (225675), which does not have the new feature. Whatever, the Project viewers are only for the curious or those helping develop the Mesh Project.

New Physics Type Clothing Object

If you look you can notice at the bottom of the Mesh Project Viewers page is a list of older versions. 225675 is the current Project version today. That page shows the two previous versions; 225641 and 225624. I tried both and neither of those have the feature.

Now things get a bit interesting. In the current version of the viewer that item is not in the menu. So, while the video upload date is 4/2, the viewer version (225638) is dated April 1. OMG!

So, several people have decided this is all an April Fool’s joke. But, when one sees all the viewer menus, it is pretty hard to think all that work is for an April Fool’s gag.

I do know that the control Whirly describes is not there in the current viewer. Inventory->+ (plus icon at bottom)->New Clothes->New Physics . I went looking for it. With some digging, I found the download link. SLV 2.6.3-255638

Once you get a version of the viewer with the feature, one creates the physics ‘layer’ or item (see above) and then wears it. Once worn, one can click on the item in inventory and select EDIT or go into Appearance and edit it. Once you create the object the editing is as shown in the video.

You can mess with the breasts setting and make breasts bounce up and down and side to side. There are lots of settings to play with… I did not mean it that way…

It will be possible to have different Breasts settings items in your inventory. So, you can have something like a sport bra and other more voluptuous jiggles. And best of all we girls get to control our settings and let others see us as we choose. Ta Da!

2 thoughts on “Second Life Viewer Breasts Physics

  1. I’ve been a quiet follower.
    Yes, it isn’t an April Fool’s joke. The physics are also available in Kirsten’s viewer…under the test link.
    I blogged on it too…called it “Boobies in Second Life”. The topic definitely clamors for some levity, but, I suspect it will be a very popular feature.

  2. It deserves to be popular, in my opinion; for far too long I’ve had to choose between either mostly unrealistic TPV bouncing, or completely unrealistic soft-body rigor mortis. The new bouncy appears to work nicely, and I appreciate the fact that fine control over my settings remains with me rather than being handed to complete strangers.

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