Breast Bounce Preview

Ok… its out. Here is a preview of the coming physics for Second Life avatars. The new system will include:

  • Breasts Bounce
  • Breasts Cleavage
  • Belly Bounce
  • Butt Bounce
  • Butt Sway

Notice they show the control menus near the end of the almost 3 minute video.

After seeing the video I am certain I’m a bit confused on how mesh clothes and avatar body will work and which will have the settings. I had hopped that jiggle would be clothes related, so changing clothes would handle the jiggle settings. But, I can see some problems, like being sold a max jiggle top that is No Mod… 🙄

So, may be just linking the clothes to the avatar and allowing me to control the avatar is better.

Poll dancers should see an upswing in tips… may be this will save the SL economy. 😐

This feature is in the previous article on KirstenLee’s S21 Test Viewer.

3 thoughts on “Breast Bounce Preview

  1. Great video and article.

    I love the hair too, it’s just what I’ve been looking for. Where is it from please? 😉

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