Second Life News 2013-26 #2

The main channel is getting an update today. It is the server maintenance package that ran on all 3 release candidate channels last week. This is the package with the new object return scripting functions, the Pathfinding change to keep characters within a parcel, fix rendering of neighboring regions, and another fix for the HTTP-in-bound connection problems.

The release candidate channels will all get the same new server maintenance package tomorrow, Wednesday.

This package includes a fix to llApplyImpulse, which is/was only working in the root prim. If used in a child prim, it would work after the script was compiled in-world, meaning while the containing object is rezzed. If the object has the script and is rezzed from inventory, it fails.

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SL10B Hunt

About mid-afternoon (SLT) the Lab posted about a Premium member hunt. There are also more free things in the Market Place. Look for the Party Pack.

The hunt has gifts for Premium members. But, the hunt seems to be staged as part of a story. The post says: “Magellan Linden has uncovered an evil scheme by mad Doctor Talpa, to build some form of mind-control machines and take over the world. Magellan is busy building a machine to counter this scheme, but in the meantime YOU are needed to gather materials and components — and to destroy any of Talpa’s machines you can find.

See the post here: SL10B News and Premium Gift Hunt.

Second Life News 2013-23

There no rollout to the main channel this week. None of the release candidates made it through testing.

Release Channels

Blue Steel and Le Tigre will get a new package for testing. This package addresses the disconnection issue many have been experiencing. (BUG-2564) This is the one where numerous avatars in a region would suddenly be disconnected. It also included LSL scripts using HTTP connection being disconnected too.

Plus there is a crash mode fix.

Magnum will continue to run the package from last week: The Interest List improvement for faster rendering of a never be for visited region. The only change to this package is the adding of the disconnect-fix-code also running on Steel and Tigre.

SL10B Contest

The Lindens have announced a contest as part of the celebration of SL10B. The first place prize is a Homestead Region for four months. Second and Third place winners will get a homestead region for 2 months.

The Linden Lab Logo for SL10B

The Linden Lab Logo for SL10B

You’ll find the rules and guidelines here: SL10B Celebration Snapshot ContestContinue reading

Message in a Bottle 2

Prim Perfect has an article about Dizzy Banjo’s project for SL5B: Message in a bottle.

Dizzy is preparing something similar for SL10B. You can be part of Message in a Bottle 2 with a voice clip, 10 seconds or less. To learn more vitist Dizzy’s blog: Virtually Dizzy. Dizzy provides suggestions on what software you can use and how to submit it.

Dizzy plans to use a new trick for presenting the audio clips. Dizzy says it won’t be messages in a bottle but something fun. I suppose we will have to wait to find out what.

SL10B 2013-14

Prim Perfect has a their SL10B video up. Several people are interviewed to get information about the coming Second Life 10th Birthday party (SL10B).

Second Life 10th Brithday

SL10B Banner

See: Designing Worlds celebrates the launch of Second Life’s 10th Birthday Community Celebration!

The video runs 44 minutes. The theme is: Looking Forward, Looking Back.

They look back at  SL7B, SL8B and SL9B. They talk to Diana Renoir, Marianne McCann and Honour McMillan about plans for this year’s event.

All the Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter links to keep up on SL10B are there.