Second Life News 2013-26 #2

The main channel is getting an update today. It is the server maintenance package that ran on all 3 release candidate channels last week. This is the package with the new object return scripting functions, the Pathfinding change to keep characters within a parcel, fix rendering of neighboring regions, and another fix for the HTTP-in-bound connection problems.

The release candidate channels will all get the same new server maintenance package tomorrow, Wednesday.

This package includes a fix to llApplyImpulse, which is/was only working in the root prim. If used in a child prim, it would work after the script was compiled in-world, meaning while the containing object is rezzed. If the object has the script and is rezzed from inventory, it fails.

A new scripting function has been added: string llXorBase64(string str1, string str2). This fixes a problem with the previous function returning the wrong result. Now this works the same as:  llXorBase64StringsCorrect().

A feature I don’t understand has been added: max_materials_per_transaction to /simulator/features capabilities… In the SL system there are servers that handle API’s to provide various services. I am assuming this is a limit that has been added to one of those services. But, I’ll have to ask someone.


The regions remain open until June 29th. The festivities are over, no dancing, parties, or concerts.

Crap Mariner has posted a map of the regions with his rating on them, good, bad, or ugly… You can find here: Crap’s Map. Thanks to Martin RJ for the tip.

3 thoughts on “Second Life News 2013-26 #2

  1. The one takeaway from the map:
    “If you see a build you like, right-click a prim in it, click on the builder’s name, and send them an IM. This will make their day. Trust me on this.”

    Yes, the red squares tend to draw the eye, but it’s more important to let the creators of builds that you like and appreciate that their efforts were noticed.

    I’ve IMed a few of the builders, but I hope to find some time Thursday to go back over the map and let the rest know. (And likely let a few know a second time, because I have a memory like… like… one of those things you run water through.)


    • Thanks for the map Crap – I’ve mainly visited the infrastructure builds so far, but the ones I have seen I agree with you on – so I will make sure I see all the Green builds. The one at the top-left corner of Electrify and the one diagonally opposite show the best and worst quite well.

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