Second Life Mesh Tutorial

Second Life Mesh

Second Life Mesh

Those into sculpties will or should know the name Gaia Clary. Gaia makes sculpty tutorial videos and runs the blog. Gaia also makes JASS, Just Another Sculpty Studio.

Gaia has a new, and to me surprising, tutorial up. This one includes how to export your avatar from Second Life and get it ready for other mesh work.

The tutorial is for those making mesh avatars and clothes. Plus it is a way to export your custom avatar for use in Blender or 3DSMax. It goes on to cover attaching the mesh to the avatar armature and weighting the mesh so it deforms correctly with joint movement.  Continue reading

KirstenLee Viewer S20(42) Rerelease

KirstenLee (42)

Mesh in Kirsten S20(42)

Today S20(42) was released. A couple of days ago I was wondering what was up with the (42) release I saw come up in my RSS feed. By the time I got around to looking at the blog the article was gone. Today Kirsten explained what happened, basically a change of mind. Kirsten decided the version was too buggy to be out.

We are also warned that this release is likely to be buggy. This version, while not appearing dramatically different, is a big change. The entire viewer has been stripped down and redone as a combination of the Mesh Project Viewer and the version 2.5.x viewer code was incorporated.  Continue reading

Second Life Mesh Update

Viewer Changes

The mesh upload interface has been revised in the Mesh Project Viewer and the upload reworked. One can get the latest Second Life Mesh Project Viewer and check it out. I think the layout is much nicer. (Also this link should always point you to the latest Mesh Viewer.)

This version is likely the user interface that we will have at Mesh rollout.

Second Life Viewer

New Mesh Dialog #1


Lots of people want working fingers, which requires the addition of more bones to the avie. No word if that is going to happen. I personally have my doubts, but may be down the road.

Custom Animated Skeletons

Currently the only usable skeleton in SL is the avie’s. But, having other skeletons that could be animated would make things like dragons, horses, and dogs much easier to animate. Whatever, they will not be part of the initial rollout of mesh. However Prep Linden is working with them.  Continue reading

Playing with Second Life Mesh

SL OS Mesh OSGrid Second Life

Mesh Pedestal

I built a model I plan to use in my OSGrid regions. I don’t want to do a tutorial on Second Life Mesh. Gaia at does those so much better than I would. But, I do want to pass on what I have learned without getting too techy.

I can say that mesh is working pretty well. It certainly is much easier to texture mesh than it is sculpties. One can have custom UV Maps and that is a big step up.

I also took a quick look around the ADITI Mesh Enabled Regions. I have included some images I captured.

Those that have played in the more recent Myst games (see Myst Online for the free mMOG) will recognize the type of pedestal. The ‘linking’ (like a teleport) pedestal (grass background) is made in two pieces.  Continue reading

SL/OS Viewers and Mesh

Viewers and Mesh

The opinions on Collada mesh coming to SL are mixed. Hamlet put a set of links in a recent blog post calling them ‘gems’. I find some are and some aren’t gems. But, digging through the chaff usually reveals nuggets of neat information. Here are the current tidbits.

Mesh DOA?

One line of thinking is that Linden Lab has again botched a new feature. Some people would be unhappy if the Lab sent them chocolate, cherry filled orgasms. When one starts from the premise that the Lab can do nothing right, it is hard to see what is being done right. These negative people are leading me to the conclusion that at an SL age of 3 or 4 one becomes an old curmudgeon.

Whatever the case, there are some interesting tidbits of information leaking out.  Continue reading