Second Life: How Fashion Reviews Can Reduce Lag

In Second Life we have way more standard size rigged mesh than fitted mesh. Every so often I find a standard size mesh something that fits me close enough I can tweak my shape and get a near perfect fit. The Iffyta  AliKat’s Groovy Bikini, shown here, is one of those things.

One of the things missing from promotional material is the Draw-Render Weight of items. Including it would help people reduce lag. Like demos help us decide if we want to purchase. Anything over L$99 without a demo is a no purchase item, as far as I am concerned.

Iffyta Swimsuit Draw Weight

Iffyta Swimsuit Draw Weight

My avatar as shown has a Draw Weight in the SL Viewer of 85,478 (red) with the suit and 82,616 without. That means the suit adds 2,862. I think that is pretty good. You can also see the polygon count in the top is pretty good. In the bottoms it looks a bit high to me. But, for less than 3,000 points I won’t complain. My prim-flexi hair has a Draw Weight of 47,000±. 

I can put on a system shirt and pants swimsuit and not add anything to my Draw Weight. So, there is a cost for wearing this mesh suit.

The one additional item of information that would help with lag that I want to see in a fashion post is the Draw Weight: 2,862.

To get the information I am showing I use Ctrl-Shift-R to toggle the wireframe mode on and off. You may have to toggle the Advanced Lighting Model off and on in Preferences->Graphics, if you get a black screen leaving wireframe view.

You need to turn on Show Draw Weight for avatars in Advanced->Performance Tools. Get a weight value for the avatar before wearing the item of interest. Add the item and get another value. Obviously the difference is the weight of the item. Be sure you get both values without relogging. I have seen Draw Weight change from session to session.  That would through off the weight number.

Draw Weight numbers do NOT photograph unless you enable Show UI.

PS: YS&YS Skin – Shape self made  – Slink hands & feet.

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