MADPEA: First Game Of 2015 – Buried

MadPea has made an announcement about their coming game/hunt that starts February 1st. An interesting aspect of the game is Geo-Caching, commonly now written as: geocaching. In RL these games are taking advantage of the GPS in the new generation phones of the last couple of years. GPPS coordinates are used to hide and find ‘geocaches’, things hidden somewhere on the planet.

MadPea: Buried

MadPea: Buried

MadPea is working out some way to have geocaching in Second Life. They will have an early opening for bloggers January 30th, a Friday. Not a good time for me. So, plan to check Inara’s blog. I am guessing she’ll make it to the RSVP event.  Continue reading

Blood Letters Play – Second Life

This is sort of a spoiler… I won’t be revealing the things one really has to figure out, no puzzle answers. But, I will be explaining the mechanics of the game and some experiences. I feel my experiences are not going to spoil the puzzles. But, they may. So, read at your risk.

Blood Letters is a hunt through various shops in SL. Many you will know. There are two items to find for each letter/clue in the hunt. The hunt has a story, which is the adult part. Thus most all of the hunt is visually safe for work.

Blood Letters 2014

Blood Letters 2014

Day 1 – Letter 1: Not quite what I expected. This is where I learned it was more ‘hunt’ than game. But, so far it is fun and safe for work, but decidedly adult. Her panties were getting wet… that qualifies as adult.

The first puzzle to solve is getting the HUD (L$400), which is way easy. Find a vendor, purchase, and wear the HUD. The rest is not so intuitive. Getting the letters is the next step. I was told we can only get one letter per day. Well, sort of true.  Continue reading

MadPea – Second Life Adult Hunt

Coming in November is a first for MadPea. Check out the announcement they sent me (Thank you Kess).

MadPea Promo

MadPea Promo

Contact    Kess Crystal


October 25, 2014


Hunt heading to be the biggest and best in MadPea History

MadPea Base, Second Life, October 25, 2014– On 1st November MadPea Games will be releasing a brand new concept for in-world games and hunts….Blood Letters.  Continue reading

MadPea Carneval Demo Party

MadPea Carneval Party

MadPea Carneval Party

The MadPea folks are going to tear down the Carneval to make room for a new build. To celebrate the end of a fun build they are throwing a big party. There will be prizes, raffles, and more. See their announcement: Survive the Madness.

The party starts today at 12 SLT/PDT and runs for 48 hours.

MadPea is advertising this as the largest party in their history. Check it out.