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Coming in November is a first for MadPea. Check out the announcement they sent me (Thank you Kess).

MadPea Promo

MadPea Promo

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October 25, 2014


Hunt heading to be the biggest and best in MadPea History

MadPea Base, Second Life, October 25, 2014– On 1st November MadPea Games will be releasing a brand new concept for in-world games and hunts….Blood Letters. 

MadPea has long been known for the range of innovative and immersive games and hunts that capture the imagination of Second Life residents across the grid and from all walks of life. Up till now the content has been purely PG (with a little sauciness for good measure). That is all different now with the release of their first adult based hunt featuring some of SL’s most dynamic and respected creators.

Participating vendors are listed here:

  • Abiss Design
  • Blue Balls / Animated Living
  • Cheeky Pea
  • Consignment
  • [Cynful] Clothing & Co + CnS e-motions
  • Deadpool Fashion
  • Deluxe Body Factory
  • Dutchie
  • GlamRus Poses
  • /heathenesque/
  • Laudanum Lollipops
  • Lilith’s Den
  • 7mad;Ravens
  • Maxi Gossamer
  • MiChIGaN’s ShAcK
  • {NanTra}
  • Never Totally Dead…
  • RACK Poses
  • Razor ///
  • R3VOLT
  • +REDRUM+
  • Warm Animations
  • [we’re CLOSED]
  • X-Clusives Animations

Blood Letters is more than a ‘find an object’ hunt. It’s an erotic thriller, unfolding over 25 days, which must be solved in order to gain the final prizes from the stores listed. There will also be prizes in each of the stores taking part on a daily basis.

The interest in this hunt from vendors, and players, has been orgasmic… well it is an adult hunt after all!

Kiana Writer, CEO and Founder of MadPea said of Blood Letters “ It’s the most twisted storyline I’ve ever written combined with clever puzzles and will give the players a glimpse of what’s coming soon with UNIA.”

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The Hunt begins November 1st at:

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kess Crystal in-world or email

If you haven’t played MadPeea games before, just know they have a good reputation. I am curious just how adult and erotic this story will be.

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