Is it Cold?

In the USA we are having ridiculously cold weather across the eastern two-thirds of the country, north to south. On the west coast side I have the windows open and the fan on. But, only on local stations are you hearing about how extensive and record breaking the cold is. Drudge Report has more of the ‘collected’ headlines today and those stories lead to more stories:


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Climate 2014-22

Mid-term elections are coming in the US. Next week California is having its preliminary elections, where political parties decide on candidates to run in the Fall. California changed how those elections work to farther divide voting groups and reduce minority input assuring Democrat (liberal) control of California for the foreseeable future, regardless of what voters want. In November we will return to the polls to elect Congressional members.

Finally we have the cause...

Finally we have the cause…

For the people the biggest issue is jobs. Politicians are giving that lip service only.

For Republicans (conservatives) the issues are Democrat corruption and misuse of government agencies and authority along with the Democrat’s failure to enforce laws they have sworn to upload but do not like. While the media drums on about the Republicans having no plans, the party is pumping out plan after plan. So, many the party is divided on which is best.

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Climate Change

There is no doubt the climate is changing. The problem is which climate science is being published and provided to people. Without a complete story people cannot decide whether to prepare for increasingly hotter or colder weather nor can they tell which politicians are lying with an agenda in mind. Will you be supporting ideas and taxes that help you or enrich politicians and their friends?


Consider. Recent reports of 2013 volcanic eruptions show 80+ eruptions this year. The average range of eruptions is 50 to 60 per year. 2013 has seen about a 50% increase.

Each eruption throws millions of tons of ash and gases into the atmosphere.  That mean more reflective particulate matter, a big concern in the late 70’s when everyone thought we were going to freeze to death from a coming ice age due to manmade particulates in the atmosphere. The USA’s EPA was formed to correct the problem and done an amazingly good job of achieving that goal within the USA.

But, one volcano can release several times more material in a day or even hours than humans can release in a decade, even at 70’s pollution rates.

Sulfur Dioxide is a common gas released by volcanoes. It is highly reflective when it forms an aerosol compound in the stratosphere.

All this means that we will likely see a 2C drop in global temperatures from 2013 volcanoes. How long will such a drop last? When Mt. Penatubo erupted in 1992 it dropped global temperatures 0.6C – 1.5F for 2 years depending on one’s information source and other effects lasted for years. That was just one big volcano.

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