Climate 2014-22

Mid-term elections are coming in the US. Next week California is having its preliminary elections, where political parties decide on candidates to run in the Fall. California changed how those elections work to farther divide voting groups and reduce minority input assuring Democrat (liberal) control of California for the foreseeable future, regardless of what voters want. In November we will return to the polls to elect Congressional members.

Finally we have the cause...

Finally we have the cause…

For the people the biggest issue is jobs. Politicians are giving that lip service only.

For Republicans (conservatives) the issues are Democrat corruption and misuse of government agencies and authority along with the Democrat’s failure to enforce laws they have sworn to upload but do not like. While the media drums on about the Republicans having no plans, the party is pumping out plan after plan. So, many the party is divided on which is best.

You just can’t trust what you hear in the media.

The Democrats are freaking out when it comes to their plans. The scandals the media has mostly ignored are coming to a head with the Veterans Administration healthcare scandals. The media cannot ignore those. Even the New York Times, a well known liberal cause supporter, is ripping Obama on the VA problems. The VA revelations by whistleblowers get worse each day.

The Benghazi and IRS supposed non-scandals cracked open when private party Freedom of Information requests were filled by non-White House personnel from various agencies. Copies of emails previously redacted by the White House staff and supplied to fill Congressional oversight demands were not redacted when the served agencies gave copies of the same emails to the private parties. Those readable emails made it to Congress and now the proverbial feces has hit the fan.

The Democrat line and that of the UN is that the world has now reached a level of population we cannot sustain and we are destroying the planet with the most telling damage being climate change. Never mind that all 7 billion of us would fit in the state of Texas and the population density would be considerably less than that of New York city.

The problem with the official story on climate is more and more well known climate scientists formerly supporting man-made-warming, that includes many that have participated in the UN’s IPCC study groups, are becoming skeptics. The science is simply not settled because there is so much we do not know. There is no doubt the climate is changing, but that is not unusual nor a new thing. Nor are the rates of change unusual or new. The Democrat’s political story and media hype is they are cataclysmic changes. The more we learn about climate and as technology improves our ability to measure change the less likely it is climate is going crazy and certainly not from CO2.

If you have an open mind, the latest information from the more reputable and renowned climate scientists can be found in an article with an extensive collection of links: Scientist Dr. Daniel Botkin Tells Congress why he reversed his belief in global warming to become a skeptic.

Being a well informed voter is what is required to sustain freedom.

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