Tech and Space 2016 w/47

I like science and math. Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. To practice science one needs observations and experiments.

On the observation side, Nov 19th the NOAA GOES-R weather satellite was launched.

Launches and later positioning are not as simple as one might imagine. Getting into a geo-stationary orbit at the correct place is no simple thing. It is expected to take 16 days to maneuver and test the satellite before it is in the right place. Then a year of testing follows. Depending on the results and the health of other GOES satellites this new satellite will park over either the east or west coast of America.  Continue reading

Climate Change for Thinkers

Every so often I have to write something for the Global Warmers that like to deny science, avoid thinking, ignore facts, and are susceptible to propaganda in mainstream media because they are too lazy to think. They typically only respond with Alinsky style ad hominem attacks.

everybody's clown

everybody’s clown

There are more and more under reported articles appearing to reveal the nature of those leaders supporting the Anthropomorphic Global Warming campaign. Principia Scientific International has run such an article: Man-Made Climate Change ‘Not About Science’ Admits Naomi KleinContinue reading

Is it Cold?

In the USA we are having ridiculously cold weather across the eastern two-thirds of the country, north to south. On the west coast side I have the windows open and the fan on. But, only on local stations are you hearing about how extensive and record breaking the cold is. Drudge Report has more of the ‘collected’ headlines today and those stories lead to more stories:


Continue reading

Raw Temperature Data Sets Needed

There is a huge amount of money at stake in the climate change debate. As warmers and skeptics debate more and more facts and science is revealed. A key factor in the debates come down to whether or not temperature is actually changing. A new citizen driven effort is now underway and help from more citizens is needed.

Citizen Project

Frank Lansner is collecting raw data sets of temperature data to compare to data being reported post adjustment. His effort is to collect raw temperature data sets before adjustments are applied. He reports on his current success and failure here: Original Temperatures: Summary.

His preliminary analysis from the data he could obtain shows definite trends in how temperature data is being used and reported. Simply said, any data that would suggest cooling is ignored by most government agencies and government funded universities.

If you have access to historical raw temperature measurement data sets, get in touch with Frank Lansner. Those data sets are needed to find the truth.

Why is this needed?

If temperature is consistently changing in relation to some human activity, it would be important to know that. Skeptics do not trust those with an agenda to explain why we should give up modern life and our living standards to pay them enormous sums. Government officials tend to live very well at our expense now.