Climate Change

There is no doubt the climate is changing. The problem is which climate science is being published and provided to people. Without a complete story people cannot decide whether to prepare for increasingly hotter or colder weather nor can they tell which politicians are lying with an agenda in mind. Will you be supporting ideas and taxes that help you or enrich politicians and their friends?


Consider. Recent reports of 2013 volcanic eruptions show 80+ eruptions this year. The average range of eruptions is 50 to 60 per year. 2013 has seen about a 50% increase.

Each eruption throws millions of tons of ash and gases into the atmosphere.  That mean more reflective particulate matter, a big concern in the late 70’s when everyone thought we were going to freeze to death from a coming ice age due to manmade particulates in the atmosphere. The USA’s EPA was formed to correct the problem and done an amazingly good job of achieving that goal within the USA.

But, one volcano can release several times more material in a day or even hours than humans can release in a decade, even at 70’s pollution rates.

Sulfur Dioxide is a common gas released by volcanoes. It is highly reflective when it forms an aerosol compound in the stratosphere.

All this means that we will likely see a 2C drop in global temperatures from 2013 volcanoes. How long will such a drop last? When Mt. Penatubo erupted in 1992 it dropped global temperatures 0.6C – 1.5F for 2 years depending on one’s information source and other effects lasted for years. That was just one big volcano.

Have you seen any of this 2013 information reported?

Solar Cycles

Scientists are becoming concerned that the solar cycles we are seeing will add another 1C (minimum) drop in temperatures worldwide. See: Solheim and Humlum.  James Marusek believes we will see weather colder than anything seen in the last 200 years. David Archibald, a climatologist, also thinks that the dip in solar activity will lower temperatures to levels not experienced in centuries.

Russian scientists are predicting global cooling. (Google)

The UN

The UN and many governments are still pushing a warming agenda. Even after the UN’s IPCC has admitted there has been no warming for 17± years, which they can’t explain, but they are much more certain now that global warming is manmade and an imminent disaster. They also never explain what they base the new certainty on in their new Assessment Report #5. (Google – look for the large reputable news agencies’ coverage)

The UN is making every effort possible to advise people how bad a 2C temperature increase will be. They claim a tipping point disaster and runaway heating. Never mind that Greenland ice cores show past periods much warmer than our current mild climate with both higher and lower CO2 levels.

But, what happens if we see a 2C drop in temperatures? Is that a disaster too?

We are told a rise of less than 1C in just a few years is the fastest warming the Earth has ever seen. Really!?! Have you thought about how the rate of temperature change of a date 100,000 or 200,000 years ago might be measured? Have you researched what happened in the period 1850 to 1900? Have you looked at the 1930’s records?

Have you heard of Snowball Earth? Did you know that at one time long ago Canada was on the equator and had glaciers?

Is there anyone that hasn’t heard of ice ages, the Medieval and Roman warming periods, and numerous cycles of warming and cooling, several of which exceed the highs and lows of our current climate? Some with 3,000 ppm CO2? Today we are worried about 400 ppm CO2. How much did temperatures change through those periods? What turned those trends around?

People Freezing Now

You won’t see much coverage of this subject in the mainstream media. But, as green energy drives up energy costs people are freezing to death. Sound odd? Yeah. But, it is happening (Google) and not just in Britton.

If temperatures drop another 2C and it looks like it will, more people will likely die. A 2C drop will affect agricultural maps, the land areas where crops can be grown. These are immediate problems we are seeing this winter and in the coming summer.

The polar ice in 2013 melted less and is growing faster (Google – 3 million articles), at the Arctic and Antarctic. It is not being reported. There are record numbers of new low temperature records being broken each month (Google) and those records are not being reported in the mainstream news. Only new highs are reported. Have you looked at which records are bring broken? Old ones from pre 1930’s or newer ones post 1940’s?

Climate Depot reports these new records (both highs and lows) and provides links to the NOAA and NASA raw data and other sites.


If you are not reading and researching both sides of an issue, you have no idea what is going on in the world or what is about to happen to you and your family.

Oh… have you heard China is thinking of putting nuclear missiles on the moon? Now there is a cheery thought.

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