Adobe And Second Life

Ciaran Laval has an article up: A Massive Cross Promotion Opportunity Stares Linden Lab And Adobe In The Face.

He makes some really good points for combining Second Life™ Premium accounts and an Adobe product subscription. I think the trigger for his thinking is the current Adobe off to provide Photoshop and Lightroom for US$9.99/month on a yearly basis. This is a deal.

Photoshop sold as a standalone package for about US$600. I’ve forgotten what Lightroom sold for. I think it was another $200 or $300.

I never paid much attention to it. I didn’t think I would use it. But, with the big CC package that has everything Lightroom is thrown in. I love it. Anyone that deals with large numbers of images, needs Lightroom. Continue reading

Free Textures

When modeling I am often looking for just the right texture. I skip looking for textures in Second Life™ simply because it is too hard to look at what is there. Some Third Party Viewers have better tools for managing textures and there are texture managers for sell in SL and the Market Place. But, I find them slow and awkward.

I usually browse over to CG Textures. They have an easy to browse collection of textures. Some are great and some are crap. Most require some serious work before they can be used and many lack the supporting files; normal, specular, occlusion, etc. But, they are free, with a daily download limit.

A new site I came across is They also have free textures and Terms of Use I can live with.  Continue reading

Second Life Limits

The Lab has a ‘Second Life LIMITS’ page in the wiki. It is a handy reference for a number of things. I missed that in December 2012 the page was getting revisions and has been for a time. The page has had a number of updates and new information added.

Second Life Limits

Updated Second Life Limits Page

This is a page editable by the community. In December Perrie Juran made some changes. In November Ibrew Meads, Kireji Haiku, Darien Caldwell, Uccello Poultry,  and Stickman Ingmann were making changes. If you look through the page’s history there are some well known names contributing to the Wiki.

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No Room to Sit

The Problem

I suspect most of us have seen this ‘No Room’ message at one time of another. When I first ran into it I wondered how they did that. Later I wondered about why they did that. I asked around and never got an answer for how or that it could be deliberate. I asked in the College of Scripting and Music Science in-world group. I explored the Ivory Tower Library of Primitive. I read forum threads. I never got a good answer.

There are two similar messages:

  • No room to sit here, try another spot
  • There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.

Sit Tests - Click for larger image

I suspect most of us thought these a simple annoyance. Playing in combat regions and wanting to build defendable fortresses I realized the “No room to sit here, try another spot” thing could help with defenses, if I could just figure out how to make it work on demand. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure it out.

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Second Life Prim Twisting Tutorial

Ener Hax at “i live in science land” posted about a tutorial on prim twisting. The tutorial was made by Ayumi Cassini and posted in 2009 on Ayumi’s blog as: The ultimate guide to prim twisting. It and the in-world Ivory Tower Library of Primitive are the best sources of information for building with prims.

A Single Twisted Prim - Amazing

In our early entry into Second Life’s age of enthusiasm for mesh building, prims are still the primary material for most building. Understanding what can be done with prims gives one insight into which is a better choice for any build.

Check out the tutorial. I’m impressed.