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Ciaran Laval has an article up: A Massive Cross Promotion Opportunity Stares Linden Lab And Adobe In The Face.

He makes some really good points for combining Second Life™ Premium accounts and an Adobe product subscription. I think the trigger for his thinking is the current Adobe off to provide Photoshop and Lightroom for US$9.99/month on a yearly basis. This is a deal.

Photoshop sold as a standalone package for about US$600. I’ve forgotten what Lightroom sold for. I think it was another $200 or $300.

I never paid much attention to it. I didn’t think I would use it. But, with the big CC package that has everything Lightroom is thrown in. I love it. Anyone that deals with large numbers of images, needs Lightroom.

Photo shoots generate large numbers of images. When my dad was shooting he says he bout film in 100 foot rolls… I can’t imagine. I don’t remember not having digital cameras. I do know that the ore images I snap the more likely I am to catch the one I want. Lightroom helps me handle all those images.

Lightroom to a certain extent is the only image processing a person might need. For instance all the images taken using available light in an office may have the characteristic green cast of fluorescent lights. Lightroom can fix all those images in one pass.

Jump over to Adobe and get both of these tools for what I think is an amazing low price. And check out what Ciaran thinks the Lab and Adobe could do by teaming up.

2 thoughts on “Adobe And Second Life

    • Gimp is not Photoshop. Gimp is good and more than acquit for much of what we do in SL. But, if you want to work with 3D models and texture them easily PS is the tool.

      It is difficult to convince people of Lightroom’s worth, but those of us using it would hate to give it up.

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