Second Life Prim Twisting Tutorial

Ener Hax at “i live in science land” posted about a tutorial on prim twisting. The tutorial was made by Ayumi Cassini and posted in 2009 on Ayumi’s blog as: The ultimate guide to prim twisting. It and the in-world Ivory Tower Library of Primitive are the best sources of information for building with prims.

A Single Twisted Prim - Amazing

In our early entry into Second Life’s age of enthusiasm for mesh building, prims are still the primary material for most building. Understanding what can be done with prims gives one insight into which is a better choice for any build.

Check out the tutorial. I’m impressed.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Prim Twisting Tutorial

  1. and when you go to the large size like you can in OpenSim, then it really can be stunning! i’m making a building where it’s her torus column for the middle but it’s over 200 metres in height! =)

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