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Server Deploy Posts – They are back… Last week speaking to Caleb Linden at the Beta Sever UG meeting I learned there was a problem and it would get resolved. It apparently has as there is a deploys posts this week.

Caleb posted the announcement Monday about noon SLT/PST. Yay!

June 24 – This is the date Premium Membership Rates increase. Until then you can renew for one more billing cycle at the current rate, US$72 per year, which is a deal. I just renewed. I am good until 2021.

Someday Soon

Someday Soon

With Premium, one gets a L$1,000 signing bonus (down the road) and L$300 per week. At the average exchange rate of L$250 to the US$1 that is L$16,600 or US$66.40. Net cost is $5.60. With a jump up to US$99 the net cost goes to US$32.60. That seems like a huge rise until one considers the cost of some other games.

Star Citizen with ships costing US$400 to $2,500 and EVE Online at US$15/month are particularly expensive. Other monthly games are often US$10 per month or US$120 per year.

Protests – Hamlet has an article up about people protesting the plans to increase processing fees. See: Nearly 2000 SLers Sign Petition. Processing fees affect content creators. It is hard to say what percent of SL users are content creators.

With peak concurrent sign in at about 50K the petition has gotten about 4% of users signing.

New Linden Homes – Lindal Kidd has an article on getting one of the new homes being built in Bellisseria. These homes are typically sold out in 30 minutes or so. You can get a heads up on when a release of homes is coming by following a thread in the SL Forum: The New Linden Homes Update Post. There is a signup page here: Linden Home signup page. When Bellisserian homes are available you’ll see them listed there.

OpenSim – I came across this tidbit, OpenSim gets Display Names. Display names came to SL in 2010.

Legacy Profiles – Viewers change evolving and regressing. Some new ideas don’t work out as well as hoped. In some cases, an older idea was better. That seems to be the case with the Profile Panel in the Linden Viewer. The older style is coming back. The Project Viewer is listed and linked to in the Viewers section below.

Firestorm, in its be all you can be style, has both the web and legacy style Profile Panels. I tend to use the web version. But, it is horribly SLOW. It can take 2 minutes to open… well… load. The window pops open quickly. It just takes forever to fill. In the case, forever is 12 seconds and greater.

Using the Legacy Profile in Firestorm the panel loads in 1 or 2 seconds.

Using the – EEP RC viewer the panel takes 4 to 7± seconds to load my profile. Not bad. But, the older style looks to be faster.

Bellisseria – SL News has an interview with Abnor Mole, the lead builder of the new Belllisseria continent. See: The Future, the Past, and an Island of Crabs.

It is neat to see that the Dog Bone Airport was built in response to residents’ requests.

Topless Tuesday Cruising – Each Tuesday at 1PM SLT/PST the group Topless Cruisers (URL) has a sailing event that ends in a dance party. The female to male ratio is way lopsided. Obviously, the place for guys.

Group is free and events are announced in group.


There are no roll outs this week, main of RC channels. Main grid regions will continue to run last week’s versions, # This will be its third and the second that it has run on all main grid simulators. This week we find out that the version that rolled across the grid is an Internal Fixes update.

I had hoped the TP and Crossing Disconnects fixes would roll out. At today’s Server-Scripting UG meeting we’ll learn more.


The default viewer version is, which is a maintenance release from Monday, May 20, 2019 or Week #21.

  • Bakes On Mesh – – NEW – Monday, June 10, 2019. The previous release was made in week #21. This version has about a dozen and half fixes.
  • EEP – – NEW – Thursday, June 6, 2019. The previous version was released in week #21.
  • Love Me Render – – New – Monday, June 10, 2019. The previous was week #20. This version has a dozen fixes.
  • Maintenance – – New – Wednesday, June 5, 2019. There is no previous version. This is a new iteration of fixes, 71 fixes wrapped into a viewer and labeled ‘maintenance’.
  • Rainbow – – NEW – Thursday, June 6, 2019. The previous version was out in week #23. This version has a fix for an NVIDIA problem.
  • Second Life Project Legacy Profiles – – NEW – The Lab has been thinking about changing the Profile Panel in the viewer and started talking about it in February 2019. The change makes it more like Firestorm’s alternate or ‘Legacy’ Profile Panel and Cool VL Viewer’s Profile Panel. Inara writes more and has an image of the new panel. See: SL LEGACY PROFILES PROJECT VIEWER.


6 thoughts on “Second Life News Week #24

  1. Humble little me decided already when the first web profiles came out to ignore all that web crapola! When and where do I look at profile photos? When logged in world, right! And I swear I’ve never ever used any web based shit, any V2, V3 or V something else viewers but always stuck – and still sticking to – my good old and trusted V1.2 Singularity viewer. Nothing fancy, just pure unlaggy goodness of a raw inworld experience. =^.^=

  2. Oh and if refering to any cruising groups – semi nekkid or not – don’t forget to mention the grandaddy of cruising clubs in SL, the LCC Leeward Cruising Club and its offspring Skywards and Roadwards cruisers, which have cruises every Tuesday and Sunday. Sunday cruise director, the legendary Kittensusie Landar, even has a houseboat on Bellisseria so she can host parties on the new continent.

  3. You know that you can buy into Star Citizen for as little as the price of an average AAA title game and I believe EVE Online can be played completely free. And of course most importantly, those are games. Second Life is not.

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