Oz and Grumpity Linden Talk

Just now, 6/21 @ 3:15 PM SLT they are were talking live… Actually live from 2:00 to 3:30 PM SLT/PST.

00:00 – Grumpity Linden relating her coming to Second Life. Interesting.

03:25 – Oz Linden explaining how he came to SL. Also interesting.

08:40 – Oz what do you like best about your job? Good answer here…

12:00 – Oz, are you inspired by what people do with your engineering? Grumpity waxes poetic…

18:00 – Have gotten to see much of SL15B? 

19:30 – What about the SL Road Map, Animesh and Bakes-On-Mesh what are they and what will the impact be? Oz provides good explanations and some background on the projects.

They make the warning not to buy animesh items. The project is not yet finished. Whatever you buy now, could break and become unusable. Watch for the change in viewer status, Project to at least RC.

29:20 – HUD’s – Will it ever be possible to have panels/windows outside the main window? Not working on it. Thinking about it. It is on the This is Interesting List. Exploratory work is scheduled.

31:00 – The Bento feasibility test revealed. This explains a lot of things.

33:45 – Land pricing and grandfathered land…

35:15 – Gumpity, Oz, and Patch are the trio of SL project decision makers.

36:00 – What are your views on Firestorm and the reliability of the product? Oz explains the differences in priorities.

If you are a Firestorm Viewer user, check out the kudoos Oz gives the support team. Black Dragon gets a mention.

41:00 – Most popular viewer used with SL makes up less than 1% of what the users are running on.

42:00 – Apple not updating/supporting OpenGL driver in future. Any plans to keep Apple running SL? Will find a way.

44:30 – Singularity Bento issues…

45:40 – Fix texture align value problem? On list…

46:30 – JIRA or direct contact? JIRA, triaged everyday. Bugs once a day. Feature Requests once a week.

49:40 – Can we have a friendlier JIRA? Working on it. New version being installed.

50:40 – Any plan to upload mesh with custom rig?

54:00 – What about Sansar stuff in SL? Good explanations.

55:30 – Could SL develop a mobile app? Discussing. On the table. Grumpity and Oz discuss their thinking.

1:0030 – Would you try a web app? If a mobile app is built, the web app comes for free. Discussing cost

1:02:00 – Will you lower tier? Did. Plan more…

1:04:00 – Will there be more fancy neighborhoods for Premium members? Question for Patch Linden. But, there is ongoing work.

What about variable sizes? @56×256 regions are baked into much of SL. Big project. Possibilities improve in the cloud.

1:07:00 – Will rendering be developed? Yes. Oz explains what is happening with render engine.

EEP – Enhanced Environment Project uses some new features of the render engine. Revamping texture cache.

1:10:00 – Will Oculus Rift Viewer come back? Oz explains. There is a possibility.

1:12:15 – 3D video?

1:13:00 – What is the difference between cloud servers versus a server farm? Oz gives a good explanation. Some explanation of how things may work in future.

1:20:00 – Can’t test for all the things people do. Thus the RC channels.

1:21:30 – Will rolling restarts go away? Don’t know.

1:22:00 – What is happening with Marketplace? They did hire a web developer…

Closing out show…


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