Third-Party Dev Meeting 2018 w19

Not much news coming out of the Third-Party Developer meeting this week.

Both the Love Me Render Viewer and the Maintenance Viewer are progressing. The Maintenance version is doing a bit better in testing. Either could be the next release, with Maintenance having a small edge.

Ahiru (7)

Ahiru (7)

In the pipeline are the estate management tools improvement, caching stuff to improve cache performance, a set of voice improvements, and various random changes.

Vacation season is starting in the USA. So, there will be schedule and project disruptions as people go on vacation.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is not viewer related. The Lab mostly already does all GDPR requires. Internal discussions in the Lab have been about how neat it is they Lab has never collected the problem-personal-info GDPR deals with. So, they have very little to do to be GDPR compliant.

Oz reiterated textures are as protected as they likely ever will be. Bits can be copied. There is no way to prevent that. The Lab does make efforts to deter theft and complicate copying.

Abuse categories are to start coming from the servers. As it is now they are coded into the viewer. So, if the categories change, the viewer has to update. If someone uses an old version of e viewer they also use the old categories.

A project is underway to have the viewer load the categories from the server. So, an update on the server will update all viewers at their next login.

The project is slow getting out because of language translation delays. But, should be out on AGNI in the next couple of weeks.

A project to make offline notices more reliable is being finished up. So, we should ‘real soon’ have more reliable notices on login.

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