Second Life News 2018 w08

A day behind.


There was no roll of a new package to the main channel. It continues to run #

The three RC channels all updated to version # The changes in this version are listed in the Release Notes as: Internal fixes and Simulator logging improvements.

#167.. Can you ..

#167.. Can you ..

Since I was traveling to see friends I missed the Server and Scripting User Group meeting. It was at the meeting where we learned there is a change to fix a problem in the server that has been crashing viewers.

Seems the server has been sending malformed update data that kills the viewer. The Lindens believe the problem was a memory corruption problem. A server would work correctly right after being restarted and after some time start sending bad information. Inara published a quote of Simon Linden describing the problem.

The bottom line is the Lab has not been able to reproduce the problem. They found the problem in the viewer, an autopsy I presume. That lead to knowing the server was poisoning the viewer. But, no information on how or why. So, while the likely culprit is one of the cooks in the kitchen (servers) they had to make their best guess as to which cook (the cause). So, the logging improvements are likely a stakeout to find the bad guy.


The main viewer is version We saw it become the main viewer in week #7 (details).

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is an update appearing in week #8. The previous version updated in week #6. The release notes describe it as:

Maintenance: Nalewka is bringing you the next sweet batch of fixes. It’s what you’ve come to expect – we fixed some crashes and memory leaks, threw in bugfixes and improvements for a smooth and pleasant experience.

According to Wikipedia, Nalewka ([na’lɛfka]) is a traditional Polish category of alcoholic beverage. Similar to medicinal tinctures, it is usually 40 to 45% strong (though some can be as strong as 75%), and is made by maceration of various ingredients in alcohol, usually vodka or neutral spirits. Among the ingredients often used are fruits, herbs, spice, sugar or molasses. The name nalewka is currently being registered for national appellation within the European Union. Unlike ordinary liqueurs, nalewkas are usually aged. Taste-wise, it is similar to apple and fruit-flavored brandies such as calvados or eau-de-vie (or Canadian maple syrup-infused whiskey), but is much sweeter, almost liqueur-like.

This version is now based on our new 64-bit Second Life Viewer. More details about what differences it has can be found here.

Second Life Media Update Viewer version – This is a new week #8 update too. The previous update was in week #6.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version… I keep hearing Oz say there is an update to this version or soon will be. But, I dug through my posts on this viewer and it has the same version number back to week #27-2017.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – Updated last in week #4.

Second Life Project Render Viewer version – Updated last in week #4.

Other News

There was a third-party Dev’s User Group meeting last Friday. The summary is here: Third-Party Viewer Meeting 2018 w07.

I started the thread, Is Your Avatar an Exhibitionist? Are you sure? There is a popular thread, How does your avatar look today? It is 226 pages long, today.

I started the exhibitionist thread because there are so many people that have a ton of pictures on Flickr or other photo-sharing sites which we never see. I wanted to see more of the art being created in Second Life™. So, getting links to your sharing sites is the idea. But, pay attention when following those links, some warn their sharing is on the NSFW side.

There is another thread started in March 2011 that I just saw, The VaNiTy ThReAd. While old and only 326 pages long (as of today) it is a fun stroll through the years. I assume ‘vanity’ and ‘glamour’ are similar in this context. I think I only have 3 pro shots I would call glamour photography.

  • 2011 Pages 1 to 110-115
  • 2012 Pages 110-115 to 256
  • 2013 Pages 256 to 284
  • 2014 Pages 284 to 303
  • 2015 Pages 303 to 305
  • 2016 Pages none
  • 2017 Pages 305 to 354
  • 2018 Pages 354 to ?

You can quickly jump to page ranges by editing the URL in your browser.

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