Second Life: Content Creation 2017 w51

There was a Content Creation UG meeting. Medhue recorded it. He was late getting started 🙂 The sound is better, but not good. That is a problem with streaming. One of my biggest pains with video from SL meetings is cleaning up the audio. So, make do and be glad we have something.

Summary and Index

Not much new from this meeting.

The beginning part is about how the skeleton can be used, avatar and animesh. Basically, the skeleton can be rearranged. But, we cannot rename bones or reparent them. 

So, picking bones for hair is challenging. Tail bones are subject to what the pelvis is doing. Wing bones are subject to what the chest is doing. So, for hair where the head may be doing something else, these are not good choices. One might get away with using the extra ear and eye bones. They would at least be following their parent, the head.

However, the thinking is animesh may be a better choice for controlling hair. All the bones in the animesh attachment would be moving in relation to the attachment point. The hierarchy of the animesh would be based on the attachment point. Since the pelvis would move in relation to the attachment point the tail, wings, ears, eyes, … everything in the animesh would move in relation to the pelvis and thus the attachment point. Should make for easier animating.

12:00 – Considering dropping animesh. The Lindens haven’t decided if dropping mesh or animesh will be a moderate or horrible thing to build in.

You may not have realized we cannot drop mesh. It was never built into the system. We can drop a prim. Mesh dropping is blocked because they did not write the code to get it to work correctly. But, we will likely see people wanting to drop mesh.

This ‘drop omission’ is a problem for those making pets. Having them attached for teleport and dropping them after one arrives is a likely behavior. Plus, there are similar problems for the ‘baby’ … avatar-attachments. Pick them up and put them down.

As it is now, to go from attachment to rez’d in-world the item has to come back into inventory then be rez’d in-world.

20:00 – Using automatic LoD will give you different mesh cost with each upload. Discussion on why. There is nothing one can do to circumvent the issue. So… I don’t care why.

The Linden viewer is getting a change so that names of attachment points you weight to can handle spaces. The names of attachment points have spaces. But the DAE uploader can’t handle spaces in attachment-point names. So, you are effectively blocked from weighting to attachment-points. Firestorm has a fix for the problem and you can use it to weight mesh to attachment-points.

27:00 – Disappearing animesh. Vir explains how offsets in animesh were causing the mesh to render way far away from its rez location. This likely will mean some limit will be added to the max offset allowed.

30:00 – Currently no new LSL functions for animesh.

32:00 – No new news on Bakes on Mesh.

35:15 – ETA for animesh? TBD… 2018…

No meeting next week.

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