AvaStar Videos 2018

The people at Machinimatrix are asking what tutorials are needed for the new AvaStar 2 (now v2.1.1). They are planning to start producing new videos. So, this is your chance to suggest what is needed.

Machinimatrix: What videos are needed most ?

Building a snowman

Building a snowman

We are going into video production again. However, this time we want to make the videos on demand and not on what we think is needed. So here is your chance to influence what videos we will create first.

4 thoughts on “AvaStar Videos 2018

    • AvaStar is an addon to Blender. It is specifically for use with Second Life. It simplifies modeling avatars, mesh clothes, and pose & animation.

      • ah.. *quickly looks up Blender Wikipedia article* yes.. ty for the quick reply and your regular updates from LL and 3rd party meets.

        I appreciate your work! I checked back into SL this summer after a few years away and your blog and strawberry’s have been helping me catch up then and since on tech and design (mesh avatars, cloud server migration, new platform/app, etc.)

        When I was active up through 2011 doing projects we used mostly built-in SL tools plus simple Photoshop/Gimp texture work. And flexi-prims were the big new thing! Has building in SL gotten so complex/sophisticated that no one or two designers nor one or two toolsets can do it all? Don’t answer I think the answer is “yes” lol.

        On the left hand, in addition to more-or-less keeping up with SL’s efforts through blog subscription updates I have also tried to keep track of what I would call SL wannabe’s. it seems like we are still back at the post-Visicalc, current-Lotus stage of digital immersible 3d designer/consumer platform/app level— where SL is “Lotus” and “tbn” is Excel… if that “killer-app/spreadsheets-pcs” metaphor communicates lol : )

        Cheers !

        • The older style design is still around. For mesh bodies we use scripts from the body-maker to apply the GIMP/PAINT/Photoshop textures. Otherwise Classic and Mesh ‘texture’ clothes are the same. They even use the same templates.

          The capability of SL has been extended. So, more of what is made is made outside the viewer. That shows in the SL concurrency stats, less people logged in at anyone time. Some significant part of SL time is spent in a modeling program and not the viewer.

          The extension of capabilities has give pro-designers more of what they want. So, we are seeing more professional people playing with SL and the change in appearance is remarkable.

          Various groups, like Builders Brewery, are providing classes to bring beginners into the 3D modeling world of Blender, Maya, 3D Max, etc. AvaStar and MayaStar support SL designers and make the process way easier.

          Looking up Visicalc… I would say SL is more like Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Most what can be done in those can be imported to or from Excel. We find there are some missing app parts, some additional app parts, and a bump or two when moving things between the various spreadsheet apps. 3D models built for Unreal, Unity, or Cry are pretty much usable with SL and vice-versa. SL clothes are not so transferable, but that is true of the others too.

          SL design is becoming more professional. But, there is room for the newbie.

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