Second Life News 2017 w43 Update

Today I couldn’t be at the Server-Scripting UG meeting. But, I made my avatar fill in. So, this late in the day post after I read the chat log.


The Server Scripting UG didn’t provide much more news. There was no roll to the main channel. The RC’s got the same package as last will some updates to those ‘internal fixes’.

Simon Linden said, “I don’t have any official announcement or news, sorry.

However … here’s what’s been said:  ‘Some of our recent internal fixes included changes to our backend systems which will no longer allow certain exploits used for duplicating no-copy content, and make it easier for us identify when anyone uses similar techniques in the future. We haven’t solved all the problems outright, but we’re making good strides.’”

For content makers, this is good news. The change was implemented with the last four weeks or so. So you should see changes.

Also, “…there’s a new region ‘Crash Me’ on Aditi.   If you can demonstrate a new way to crash things, that helps too. …please test your stuff on “Crash Me” on Aditi and drop Mazidox and myself a notecard with results. Any news like “this still crashes” please keep confidential. I’d love to know of any methods that will still copy items, … please put them in a SEC JIRA.”

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