Second Life – Are there Aliens Abducting Residents? – Adult

The Interesting Stuff

There are all the typical traps. Worst is the quicksand and tar. It is way hard to get off… er… remove.

There are AI bots and staff players. Imagine having a job requiring you to rape everyone in sight!?! The AI’s are a bit dumb. The staff players were not the best RP players, but they were fun and helpful. Alien males are concerned about size… did you know? Odd how that seems to work. Just tell them it’s huge. They’ll be happy. I mean, what’s an alien know?

There are places for lovers. I’ll let you explore and find them. I will tell you there are some private places you can get to that have nice beds. These places have less RLV.

If you are a jerk and have bad pickup lines, you can probably still get lucky in Abduction. You can trap her. Of course, there is the risk of a horny female alien… Or have you considered they may be LGBT aliens… I am told they are around. But, if you are going there to… never mind.

Patrick says, “There are 4 bots on the sim, but they are part-time BOT and part-time live players.” So, you never know what you are getting into with the bots.

Alien Art – Click for MP

Traps… Patrick is sneaky. I kept stumbling into them. I thought I was pretty good at avoiding RLV traps. Not in Abduction. They are in the most unexpected places. Also, some of the traps reach out pretty far.

On the ground, just try and avoid being abducted. I tried for a few minutes, like 20 or 30 making return trips to if I could. I kept running into new traps in unexpected places. A number of the traps are invisible. Repeated tries let me avoid the ones I knew about but I quickly ran into a new one. Many of these traps teleport you right into the tentacles of some waiting monster.

I never got very far…

Patrick tells me the Starbase has 5 levels of its own.  The lower levels being the most dangerous.  There is also a welcome center, a lounge, and Holodeck.  The Holodeck has many scenes, including two scenes where you can hunt down and kill someone/something.

The places on Abduction are:

  • Ground Level – the landing zone.
  • Tunnels of Zardon – a maze and home of the Crystal Gates leading to other difficult to find places.
  • Surface of the Moon – where the prison is.
  • Starbase Magellan – the space station
  • Pandora – a newer level, the green planet. There is a hidden dungeon. Will you find a trap or the dungeon?
  • Moavis – The red planet, like Mars. It has a maze, ruins, traps, and surprises.

Best Time

Regions often have a best time of day to be there. Germans and many Europeans tend to be on about 2PM SLT. I have yet to figure out the best time to be in AbA. I think it would be more fun with more people there.

Second Life’s peak use time is from 2PM to 4PM SLT.

Some Gotchas

I’ve already mentioned some things are a bit slower responding than you may expect. So, take your time and enjoy.

Traps are typically 2 to 5 minutes in Abduction. But, some traps count UP, unless you are in mouse look. So, pay attention. Fortunately, only a couple that I got caught in counted up. These would be more fun… or scary… if there were more people around. While I explored and played there were 6 to 12 people in the region. (1 to 3 PM SLT) I’m not sure how many were bots and staff the day I was playing.

Patrick tells me, evidently, one of his staff members keeps turning that on, and he keeps turning it off.  So, you may or may not find traps that count up.

The mix of bots and live staff can make it confusing. The AI is good enough it took me a minute or two to figure out I was talking with a bot. I first thought we were having a language problem.

Your Body

Mesh bodies… like most RLV places, Abduction doesn’t handle mesh well. I used my Classic body with mesh feet but, took off my mesh hands. I probably should have gone with a full classic avatar. But, my mesh avatar is sooooo cute…

Some of the RLV stuff adds Classic… “effects”… as system clothes. With a mesh body classic underwear, shirts, jeans, or jacket just aren’t going to work, so the effect is ‘lost’. However, my mesh body only got decimated once in a clothes removal. After that, I think it would have been OK. I repaired my body, putting mesh back in place. Subsequent clothes removals didn’t break me.

Patrick’s advice is,

For those who have difficulty for what gets stripped and what doesn’t…. I do not claim to be an expert on #RLV folder settings, and I know that some of the articles are confusing.  But this is what I set up for our Female Prison Guard, and it seems to work great so far.  You may want to try it.   Set up a folder underneath your #RLV folder such as …. GUARD.  Put the things you want stripped in that folder.  Create another folder under called GUARD (nostrip).  Put thing like hair, hands, etc. in there.

You may also rename the items in your (nostrip) folder, such as HAIR (nostrip).  Then wear your items, and create an OUTFIT called GUARD.  The items linked to the nostrip folder will not be stripped, the others will.  Be sure to put a <space>  in front of (nostrip).


RLV is scary for some. The unknown often is. Also, there is a lot to learn to get things working right. Trying to figure stuff out can get tedious. Abduction makes things as simple as possible and greatly simplifies the RLV Relay.

Linden Lab provided the features that make Experiences possible, sort of their answer to RLV for game designers. So, this Experience uses that feature to remove some of the tedium of setting up RLV.

Not all the RLV traps and toys are Experience Tools aware. In fact, most aren’t. This will create some interesting problems getting lose from things and keeping all your body parts attached.


The official group is Abducted by Aliens. Join. It is free. If you get stuck… umm… no you are going to get stuck. If you run into a problem… no… no you will run into a problem alien… Third try, if you need…  technical…  help… yeah, use the group.


The owner of Abducted by Aliens, Patrick Playfair, doesn’t have anything in the marketplace, that I could find. But, the marketplace has a load of cute and funny Alien Abduction things.

So, if you enjoy the Abduction Experience, donate and tell your friends.

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