Second Life News 2017 w24 – New Shiny


There was no roll to the main grid this week. The channel continues to run #

Blue Steel will get a new package Wednesday, # Includes internal fixes.

Le Tigre will get a new package Wednesday, # Includes internal logging and features and an improvement to region starts.

Magnum also gets a new package, # Shoutcast Player fix included. Other changes are an upgrade of the OS.

Tuesday done less left before WE 😜

Tuesday done less left before WE 😜

Shoutcast is the feature that many use to publish the name of the song playing in a music stream. There was some old time fundamental problem with how those scripts worked. Some fix in the server side created a problem with those scripts, broke them. (BUG-100737) The Lindens were not going to build the bug back in. So, they are providing a fix that works similarly. But, all the Shoutcast scripts will have to change.

The fix is something about the characters in the HTTP request stream.

Quote from Server Scripting UG meeting: β€œOz Linden: I’m going to add the documentation to the wiki page shortly.” So, how to fix the scripts is likely to be out there before the fix hits the whole grid.

New Project

Oz Linden announced that the new project Environment Enhancements Project (EEP) has been green-lighted.

This project will be making changes to WindLight. To get an idea what Rider Linden has in mind see Windlight Environmental Enhancements.

Projected Features

  • Environment Settings In Inventory
  • Application of Settings On the Viewer From Inventory
  • Extended Environmental Settings Parameters
  • Parcel Based Environment Settings Experience Based Environment Settings
    • llSetAgentEnvironment(key agent_id, string environment, float transition)
    • llAdjustAgentEnvironment(key agent_id, list env_params, float transition_time)
  • Extended Day Cycle

Read the document to get some idea of what is coming.

You may not know the moon is a texture pasted on the sky. It may develop that we can change that texture. It would allow us to do moon phases. We could also change the moon, add more moons, but still only one texture, and otherwise play with its appearance.

I’m not sure but the sun is made via vertex painting. So, there will be no texture to change. Nor is there likely to be the option to add more suns. Shadows are already a big performance hit. A second sun could double that load, so you see the obstacle. But, Oz Linden things we will be able to change the sun.

Ground textures came up. But, Oz says that will have to be a separate project. No changes in that area anytime soon.

It looks like environment settings will become an asset kept in inventory. Presumably something we can trade and or sell in the marketplace. We can select them by maybe dropping them in the region or a Windlight settings panel or like playing animations from inventory. Control is likely to be per parcel.

I am fairly sure we are NOT going to get environment by altitude. So, having one environment from 0 to 500m and another from 501 to 1000m, and so on. Firestorm did something like that. But, Oz was pretty firm the Lab would not be doing that.

They have mentioned using Experiences to allow programming an individual’s environment by location. So, it could get dark if we walked to a cave. Or maybe foggy if we were flying or standing on a peer.

Sounds fun!


The main viewer is version

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – No Change

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – No Change

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No Change

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No Change

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – No Change

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