Second Life Bits 2017 w18: Shopping

30 Linden Saturdays

Obviously this is for the shoppers, L$30 Saturdays is a Discount Sales Event. Seraphim puts the event on. The event is a set of merchants that place a product on sale for L$30 every Saturday. Prices are dropped for 24 hours then return to normal. You can visit Seraphim’s web site each week to get a SLURL to the first shop in the day’s participants. Plus, Seraphim has a load of hunts and sales listed.

GTS Weapons

This week the sale starts at GTS Weapons… they are offering 3 melee and 3 ranged weapons you can pick up for free. GTS features bows: cross, compound, and medieval, when you walk in the door.  They offer some spears and swords. As you wonder the store you find most weapons types, chainsaw, lasers, old west guns, present day military, steampunk, black powder, explosive, futuristic, a tank, cannons, poison plants… pretty much everything a combat RP’er could want. Generally, in the L$600+ range. These are mesh objects. The scripts use Raycast tech in appropriate weapons, the newer tech for SL weapons.

The region is GTS Weapons. GTS has other stores there and offers other products from clothes to tools needed to run an RP game.

The L$30 Sale Item is over at WHATZ (Fashion and Props), across from the landing point. There are 4 sale items, one of which I couldn’t resist. A cute camisole but, it fit so poorly I tossed it. 🙁 


It is in WHATZ that you can pick up the Shopping HUD. Wear the HUD, it contacts the server and downloads the list of the day’s shops participating in the event. You’ll see it request, receive, organize, and then request your permission to teleport, and finally finalize. This takes some time. If you miss the permissions request you have to start over, requesting, receiving… so be patient.

The HUD is very handy. It will show you the item on sale in the shop. You can decide if you want to visit. The items give a bit of an idea what the shop is like. But, several places are far more then what the items suggest.

Also, the HUD will teleport you to the landing point in the shop. Click Teleport and poof you are there.

Back to Shops

EK Studio is next. It is in the same region as GTS, so no link here. Just walk over. They make animations. A couple of cute ones but mostly adult, at least that was my impression.

Velvet Whip is next. If you are looking for rich-sexy-slave attire, visit this place. Saying slave-attire may not be… accurate. Sexy definitely works.  There is none of the typical slut-wear, much classier. I think most of the stuff I saw as medieval fantasy style for female warriors and adventurers.

Velvet Whip – HUD at bottom…

I was disappointed most things come in just the Standard 5 Sizes.

Follow the L$30 signs to the sale item. I kept getting distracted. The Gocha section is interesting and full of neat things… and I am not a gocha fan but I spent money. The sale items are in two places on opposite sides of the landing point. So, you will need to explore a bit.

One side is clothes and the other furniture, which is a bit of over simplification. In the furniture side is wide selection of medieval goodies (no refrigerators or microwaves) ranging from the simple to adult+RLV items.

On a Lark is next. Here I got a L$300 necklace for L$30. Such a deal. The low necklines I favor need some jewelry.

Here, too, is a selection of warrior princess – adventurer style accessories and a few clothing items. Most jewelry pricing seems to start at L$300. Lots of jewelry in a small shop. There are some nice tats at L$100.

One more page… link below.

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