Second Life Bits 2017 w18: Shopping

Flecha Creations is next. A sign to the north of the landing point sort of points you toward the sale item. I thought it would be in the store. Nope, it is outside in the yard. Walk east from the landing point.

Flecha Creations

The store is all full perm items. And… the sale items are full perm items too. So, the L$30 is an awesome price. But… I have other projects so I passed on these.

Mistique is next. On landing I didn’t see any hint of where the sale item might be. There is a huge selection of events posted on billboards outside the shop.

The shop has clothes, men’s and women’s, and furniture more present day styles. I had a really hard time finding the L$30 items. Even using Firestorm’s Area Search it was tough. Teleport always takes you to the Landing point, sheesh I hate that.

So, to find it enter the store, turn hard right, walk through the right most door then turn left and walk to the back corner. You’ll find the sale item dress isn’t on sale. Or I just didn’t find the right vendor.

Partners in Crime is next. Several of their vendors were off line. However, the L$30 vendor was up and working (with the L$30 price). It offers a pretty medieval gown. Not my thing.

Mesh clothes and furniture are featured. Dresses are in the L$200 range.

Lacrime dell’anima is next. There are a ton of Gocha machines. This place is about plants and furniture. Some nice furniture, some adult. I’m not really in need of any, but a nice chair would be nice.

Simply Shelby is next. This place strikes me as odd. Furniture, decorations from lamps to dinosaurs, a few clothes, sleeping-walking-sitting bears, and awesome plants. This place would thrill an interior decorator.

Pekas is next. They offer Gorean-Medieval style clothes and more current day attire too. The L$30 items are easy to find. Two for women and one for men. These are prim and Standard size items. Most of the stuff here is for the Classic avatar. Prices are in the mid L$200’s.

AccessoGOR is next. It is a Gorean-Medieval furniture place.

Firefly: This is primarily an Arabic-Egyptian style Gorean-Medieval clothing place. They have accessories and tats. Pay attention as they offer a mix of Classic and Fitted mesh clothes. I say it is mostly Classic avatar stuff. They have full perm textures for rugs and curtains. A load of silks in the high L$200’s. Some awesome mesh vases.

Spyralle is a friend’s place. She offers an intriguing array of wings, goggles, face covers, masks, head lights and adornments, lightening dance lights and collars, 1940’s hats, and awesome patterned dresses and clothes. The patterns are Mandelbrot’s. The jewelry is unique.

Spyrella – Colorful, Awesome

For the Gorean-Medieval crowd there is a Silk Road tunic with outstanding trim. Also, some of the most colorful free-woman gowns I’ve seen.

The region is full of friends that came over from Myst Online. So, check out the other shops. Granelda’s has some Myst art.


There are about a dozen more, but I am pretty much shopped out at this point. This Saturday’s shops was definitely about Gorean-Medieval themes and Classic clothes. While not a lot was for me, I saw lots of gorgeous stuff.

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