Second Life News 2017 w19


The Deploys information placed in the forum is less and less. As of now they are simply a link to the release notes.

The main channel did get a roll out this morning. Package: # – This package changes server logging.



Blue Steel and Magnum get the new package: # – The package consists of “internal” changes… probably meaning bugs that only affect backend operation, nothing we would notice.

Le Tigre gets the package: # – This isn’t a simulator software change. The servers running this channel are being upgraded to a new Operating System version. Sort like you updating Windows and not your viewer. We aren’t likely to see any noticeable changes, provided all goes well.

The OS upgrade will spread through the entire set of simulators. 


Main – No change this past week.

Second Life AssetHTTP Viewer version – Updated from version I think this will be the next version to promote to the main viewer.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – The Voice fixes version reappears this week. It was withdrawn while some bugs were worked out. The version has the latest fixes to the voice system. If you have been having voice problems you probably want to try this update.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – This version has been on hold for weeks. Starting this week programmers are returning to work on this version. I am guessing we will see this jump to a v5 version then progress as work is completed on the 360 part.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – This version hasn’t update since last week.

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