Second Life: Fameshed

What’s going on here!?! This Fameshed region is the worst lagged sim I’ve been in for ages. Time dilation is often well below 0.5 and seems to hover in the .4 to .8 range, Sim FPS <30 and hovers in 15 to 35, Physics FPS is 2 to 5 FPS below Sim FPS.

love sick

love sick

Lag is horrible there. The region is running the new increased population package. So, as a Premium I’ve had no wait getting in. But, the max pop I’ve seen is 43. I haven’t seen much change in lag with 39 or 40+ population. 

There is some great stuff there. Much of it is furnishings and buildings. The buildings are often shrunk down to small model size to fit inside the exhibit tents. I suppose those models could contribute to the lag, but that is speculation.

I also see many people coming in and leaving. Coming in because Fameshed is popular and well advertised. I suppose leaving because of lag. The rapid turnover is also a likely problem. If one has a sim-performance thingy, you can see sim performance drop whenever someone comes into the region. As their info comes into the server it has to deal with their scripts and send out updates to everyone in the region. This is the only region I’ve seen that has a high turnover rate. So, I speculate that is a factor.

Whatever the problem, it is a pain to visit. So, even being able to get in, it looks like I will need to wait until attendance drops off to enjoy browsing the event.

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